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    Eley Watering Systems — Watering Tool

    The Eley Quick Connect System: Designed with You in Mind

    eley quick connect system

    The ELEY Quick Connect System surpasses all other quick couplers on the market. There are several reasons why we believe we’re the best in the garden and hose industry. We use the highest-grade metal without compromising on drinking-water safe materials. The ease of our couplers makes for fast removal so you can swap attachments in a flash. And best of all, very minimal maintenance required for countless years of performance. We are so sure that you’ll love our Quick Connect System that we put our 10-year-warranty on it!

    Materials and Components

    quick connects materials and componentThe Eley quick connect system is made from commercial-grade, lead-free brass, and stainless-steel components. The revolutionary design uses two sliding stainless-steel bars to lock the plug and socket into a leak-proof connection. We also use an O-Ring style gasket for sealing the socket to the garden hose or faucet. The innovative design provides years of durable, leak-free performance all the while being drinking-water safe.



    Our quick connects have standard garden thread fittings making them suitable to work with any garden hoses and watering tools. But unlike other brands that can dramatically restrict water flow and pressure, Eley quick couplers deliver an unobstructed full 3/4" flow of water volume, enabling you to perform your watering tasks faster and more effectively.full flow quick connectsThe easy release slide disengages and separates the plug from the socket with a simple downward pull. Keep in mind this works only when there is no water pressure on the quick connects. A ball valve is highly recommended to release this unwanted pressure as it acts like an ON/OFF switch to the quick connects. For this reason, Eley ball valves and quick connects go hand-in-hand to create functional usage of your hoses and garden watering tools.quick connect and ball valve


    male plug and silicone greaseMade from heavy-duty material, the quick connect O-rings will provide leak-proof performance time and time again. For best results, we recommend applying ELEY Silicone Grease to each O-ring. Our silicone grease is specifically designed for this material and one application per year will extend the life and make the engage/disengagement action much easier. DO NOT USE ANY PETROLEUM-BASED LUBRICANT, WHICH WILL DAMAGE THE O-RING. Using this type of chemical lubricant will swell the O-ring making the components harder to pull apart. Spray silicone will usually have a propellant, petroleum or hydrocarbon element in them which are all incompatible with our EPDM O-rings. We use EPDM because of its outstanding resistance to water, heat, ozone, steam, and weather. And we insist on 100% silicone lubricants because of its compatibility with EPDM and food and water safety. Even if the can or tube says it’s silicone, it does not necessarily mean it is 100% pure silicone grease. For instance, spray and plumber’s silicone will make the O-rings gummy and sticky due to that chemical additives.


    Why lubricate at all? Is lubrication really that important?

    The answer is YES! If not lubricated this can also cause the components to stick, make the release more difficult, or even break the O-ring!


    Quick Connect Video Demonstration


    Note: It’s important to keep your hand off of the female coupler while engaging the plug. This way the pins are in the correct location and not pushed back. This will allow for proper engagement and a secure attachment.

    female socket O-ringLastly, if you do find yourself with a broken O-ring, we male plug O-ringsell replacements on our website including the female socket O-ring and the male plug O-ring.




    Super High Quality

    “Love this hose with the Eley quick disconnects. Feels lightweight yet like it will last forever.” -Armando L.

    Precision instruments

    “One-hand operation. Smooth as silk. I connect and disconnect just to feel the precision and ease of use. Can't take their quality for granted. These things are precision instruments.” -Paul Z.

    Best quick connects!

    “These make connecting & disconnecting hoses and watering implements a breeze! No more leaks, replaceable O-rings, solid brass that lasts a lifetime. They don't need coupons to entice you to use their product. They simply provide the best quality. You get what you pay for!” -Thomas L.

    Using the Eley Ball Valves Makes a Difference

    Eley Ball ValveThe ELEY garden hose ball valve is not your typical add on product. We hold the opinion that it can change the way you water, and you’ll never want to go without it. Most of you probably already have a reel, hose, and other garden accessories. So, you may be asking yourself what purpose does a ball valve have in my outdoor garden hose applications? What benefits would it provide? And lastly...is it worth it? These are just a few questions we hope to answer for you!

    Changing Water Attachments

    Many of our customers are enjoying using our commercial-duty quick-connect set at the end of their garden hose.  It makes is so much more convenient to change out watering tools at the end of the hose, rather than unscrewing one watering tool and then screwing back on a different watering tool.  However, many of our customers may not realize that in order for you to disengage the Eley quick-connect set, the water pressure must first be released before you’ll be able to move the slide on the socket to disengage the watering tool. 

    Imagine this; you’re at the edge of your property watering your plants. You’ve just finished when you notice mud stuck to the side of your car from a recent trip. You’d like to change to a cleaning nozzle to wash down your vehicle, but the water pressure is still on and is preventing you from changing the nozzles. Before the Eley ball valve, you had two options: kink the hose and try to change the attachment without getting wet in the process OR walk all the way back to the faucet to turn off the spigot, which feels about a mile away right now! This is the first example of how a ball valve can solve this dilemma. With an Eley ball valve attached to the end of your hose, you’re able to switch off the water pressure to change attachments easily. No more multitasking with a kinked hose or making a trip back to the faucet between jobs. Simply pull down the lever on the ball valve into the OFF position and the water pressure is released from your attachment. removed watering attachmentYou’re able to switch attachments without the water pressure preventing you from doing so or the fear of water spraying everywhere (including on you)! Once the new attachment is on, flip the lever up to open the ball valve, and you're ready to roll once again. Eley attached cleaning spray set to hose


    Great product. Well made. Sturdy.

    “Great product. Well made. Sturdy. Now I don't have to run back to my valve to shut the water off and change attachments. Much more convenient. Eley makes the best products in their class!” -Vigod M.

    You need this

    “A great addition to my hose system. It allows me to change from my gun to other equipment without going to the spigot to turn off the water. I needed this a long time ago.” -Michael H.

    Multiple Hoses

    Need to connect a network of hoses in your yard? We got a ball valve for that! Some consumers need to go the extra length and the ball valve helps you get there. As previously stated, the valve allows you to turn the water pressure ON/OFF or adjust the water pressure to your preference. This feature comes in handy when you’re a long-distance away from the main faucet. ball valve connected hoses

    Excellent Quality and Functionality

    “Works perfectly whenever I need to 'marry' my two Eley 100' poly hoses for watering 'long-distance'. Exceptional product.” -Richard Z.


    “This ball valve is great. It is built with the highest quality material and construction I have ever seen in a garden hose ball valve. Easy one-handed operation of on/off and flow control. It uses the nicest washers I have ever run across that do not leak a drop with simple hand tightening. I will be ordering more Eley products in the future. 2 ball valves and 1 hose reel so far. All superb.”  -Allen T.

    Swivel Eliminates Hose Twists & Kinks

    If your hose keeps getting twisted or kinked when watering, you’re the perfect candidate for our Swiveling Garden Hose Ball Valve. This valve is almost identical to our straight valve except for one crucial detail...it swivels! This feature allows you to maneuver around with the hose without having to “wrestle” with an awkward hose angle or frequent kinks. It also allows you to position the ON/OFF lever into a comfortable position to operate.  With the “non-swivel” ball valve (Item #1117), the ON/OFF lever will be in whatever position it stops at as you tighten it.  The ON/OFF lever may be on the bottom when you’d prefer it on top. Eley swivel garden hose valve

    Pleased Customer

    “The hose ball valve is much superior to the shut-offs you’ll get elsewhere. The swivel is a plus and the ball valve works well at partial flow for spraying plants that need lighter water flow. The design also aides with pulling the hose across the ground without getting caught.” -John M.

    Very heavy duty

    “This is a very heavy-duty fitting that will likely last the rest of my life and into someone else's life too. The swivel makes it easy to use a hose-end sprayer without twisting the hose.” -Gary M

    Quick Connects + Ball Balve = Good to Go!

    Our Eley quick connect system is compatible with both the straight and swivel garden hose ball valves. We actually recommend using them together.socket connection to swivel valve

    Eley Garden Hose Ball Valve

    “We have always had problems with garden hose valves. Either the previous makes/models could not tolerate the outdoor environment nor the water pressure. They would always crack, restrict flow, or have levers that were too small to easily turn. I was excited to find the Eley Valves... I ordered a couple of hose valves and hose wye valves. After using the Eley hose valves for a couple of weeks, I placed an order for several more of each. I love them. You can’t go wrong.” - Al W.

    Great Value!

    “Outstanding quality swivels for easy use, and the ball valve gives positive water shut off, as well as an easy way to regulate the water flow and speed.” -Jeffrey G.

    So, is the Eley garden hose ball valve right for you? The simple answer is it depends on your watering needs! If you’re someone who likes more convenience and control, then this may be the tool for you. The garden hose ball valve allows you to change water attachments without having to run back to the faucet each time you want to switch tasks. It connects hoses together to help you go the distance while controlling the water pressure. For a few extra dollars, you also can get the swiveling ball valve for easy turning of watering attachments and hoses without strain on your wrist. Lastly, it’s compatible with our quick connect set! If this all sounds like the perfect solution to those bothersome watering issues...the Eley garden hose ball valves may be your saving grace.

     full valve connection to hose and attachment