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    Professional Spray Nozzle Set

    • 100% Drinking-Water-Safe
    • Extreme-duty brass, stainless and formed rubber construction
    • Two interchangeable nozzles for a total of five spray patterns
    • Eley-exclusive, user-friendly features.
    • Rated at 120 PSI maximum pressure.
    • Industry-leading 10 year warranty


    Stay-Put Lever

    pistol grip spray gun stay-put leverDesigned to reduce fatigue, the over-sized flow control lever adjusts simply with one finger and stays exactly how you set it, from a full flow to just a trickle.



    Full-Flow Ball Valve

    pistol grip spray gun ball valveWhile typical valves can restrict flow by more than half, the heavy-duty, chrome-plated Eley ball valve delivers every possible ounce of water pressure directly to the spray nozzle tip. 



    Threaded Nozzles

    pistol grip spray gun threaded nozzlesAlthough rotating nozzles are common on many spray guns sold today, they are notorious for leaking after just a short time. That's why Eley changes our spray nozzles with durable and smooth brass threads. Guaranteed not to leak for 10 years.


    Durable Brass Plumbing

    pistol grip spray gun brass plumbingHigh-grade brass plumbing and a chrome-plated brass ball valve delivers years of smooth operation and reliable, leak-free performance. 100% Drinking-Water-Safe.




    Comfort Pistol Grip

    pistol grip spray gun comfort gripDesigned for maximum hand protection, the rubber pistol grip spray gun is ergonomically contoured with extra thick molding. It eliminates discomfort from cold water and hand cramping.






    Swivel Connection

    pistol grip spray gun swivel fittingThis revolutionary swivel fitting allows the gun to spin freely while you use it, easily rotating from side to side, independent of the rigid force of the hose. The most user-friendly spray gun available, it also eliminates the risk of the hose unscrewing while in use.



    Full Shower Pattern

    high pressure spray nozzle pattern

    If you have good water pressure, push the black nozzle into the forward position to channel the water out all 400 micro-holes for a full and gentle shower pattern. This setting may not perform well under low-pressure, and you’ll need to change to the center pattern. 


    Center Shower Pattern

    low pressure spray gun shower patternIf your water system has low-pressure or if you're using long lengths of garden hose, pull the black nozzle all the way back to channel the water out the center 170 micro-holes and create a more forceful pattern. For high-pressure systems, this setting will simply push the water out a greater distance.


    Dirt Buster Laser Pattern

    spray gun Zero degree dirt buster laser patternFor stripping hardened grass or mud and other high-power cleaning, extend the nozzle fully to generate a laser stream of water.



    Aggressive Fan Pattern

    spray gun 15 degree aggressive fan patternTo tackle more stubborn watering tasks, place the nozzle in the middle setting to generate a 15° fan pattern.




    Gentle Fan Pattern

    spray gun 30 degree gentle fan patternPull the nozzle all the way back to generate a 30° fan pattern that is ideal for gently washing down more delicate surfaces such as vehicles.



    10 Year Warranty

    10 year garden hose reel warrantyYou won’t find a company that stands behind their products better than ELEY. Our proprietary products are guaranteed not to leak, rust or break for 10 years.

    Specs & Dimensions

    • Weight:  2 lbs.  (0.9 kg)
    • Max Temperature:  165°F  (74°C)
    • Max Pressure:  120 PSI  (8.3 bar)
    • https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1016/3123/files/1105-Watering_Nozzle_Dims.jpg?8380177853356386217
    • https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1016/3123/files/1105-Cleaning_Nozzle_Dims.jpg?8380177853356386217
    Professional Spray Nozzle Set has a rating of 4.8 stars based on 956 reviews.

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