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    Unopened Discount Returns

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    If you're looking for a discount on ELEY products, here is where you might find one.  Eley Corporation has a long-standing policy of not offering discount codes or rebates on our premium-quality products as we like to keep things simple.  However, occasionally customers will return a new, unused, and unopened product, usually because they changed their minds or ordered it by mistake. 

    ELEY offers these unopened returns at a discounted price on this page.  Since these types of returns are rare, the stock is usually very limited.  Although these items are unopened and in new condition, the boxes may show a little wear from being shipped at least three times, including the final shipment to you. 

    Unopened retuned products are still backed by ELEY's industry-leading 10-year warranty.  For complete product specifications and details, please visit the original product pages. 

    NOTE: ELEY does not resale returns in which the original package has been opened.