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    "I had all but given up.  The plastic reels just didn't last...."  - Brad N.  10/12/17  

    We hear it all the time. Quality-minded consumers have grown weary of cheap, disposable garden hose reels, garden hose and watering tools. They're ready to invest in durable and dependable products that will endure for years instead of months. Good news. The search is over.

    The word 'disposable' simply can't find its way into the thousands of product reviews you'll find on this website. Our aluminum garden hose reels, polyurethane garden hose and brass watering tools are backed by an industry-leading 10-YEAR no-leak, no-break, no-rust guarantee and the best Midwestern-style customer support you'll ever encounter.

    Every year tens of thousands join the Eley Hose Reel community and we look forward to welcoming you in as well.  But be forewarned; your new commercial-duty Eley watering system will quickly become the envy of the neighborhood. 

    Image title10-YEAR Leak-Proof Swivel
    Our revolutionary ‘gooseneck’ swivel features brass and stainless-steel material, ball-bearings for ultra-smooth operation and a proprietary seal design for guaranteed, leak-free performance. This workhorse also delivers a full 3/4” flow of water volume.
    Image titleFull-Flow Brass Fittings
    The lead-free brass fittings on Eley 5/8" polyurethane garden hose boasts a true 5/8" flow as shown in this photo comparing it to an industry standard 5/8" fitting. Our drinking-water-safe water hoses are also the backed by an industry-leading 10 year NO LEAK guarantee.  
    Image titleCommercial-Duty Spray Gun
    The first thing you'll notice about our professional spray gun is the weight. Tipping the scales at almost 4 pounds, this brass and rubber spray gun is three times beefier than your average big box store models.  Yep, it's also backed by our 10-year NO LEAK guarantee.  

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