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    "Are you afraid this is too much $$$...."

    "Are you afraid that this is too much $$ for a hose reel? Just buy one! They are way out of my cash comfort zone for a hose reel, but they are worth every penny. I no longer dread dragging out my hoses or putting them back away (I have 4 of these reels, 2 at my home and 2 at my business). They are an investment and will pay for themselves in saved time and not having to replace them every 2-3 years.  I bought the post mount kits so I wouldn't have to drill holes in my house. They were extremely easy to assemble and mount. Just click "add to cart" and stop thinking about it! " 

    - Reggie S.  Noblesville, IN   Sept. 21, 2016


    "How many companies would do that?"

    This is a top notch company. My reel had problems and needed parts, so I ordered them off their website, and several days later I got an email from them informing me that my reel was still under warranty and they were refunding my money for the parts. How many companies would do that? In my opinion this makes this a highly reputable company and one I could easily recommend to anyone. And their hose reels are the best quality I have ever owned (I've owned a few)."

    - William R.  South Setauket, NY  Sept. 23, 2016


    "The following is a true story"

    "The following is a true story: About a year ago, I purchased an Eley wall-mount hose reel. I like it a lot. About two weeks ago, my wife and I were doing some yard work; she was doing the watering, and when she was done, wound the hose back onto the hose reel. I said "That's a nice hose reel, isn't it?" Her response surprised me; she said "No, it's a WONDERFUL hose reel. I could never use those plastic ones, but this one I don't even think about.  I was a little surprised at the enthusiasm of her response, but it was genuine. Thought you'd like to know! Thanks for making a great product!"

    Walter G.  Arlington, VA  Nov. 6, 2016

    "...great company to work with."

    "These guys are awesome! America engineering and America customer service. One simple call " my handle fell off " Reply " So sorry, what is your name and zip?"........"We will be sending you a replacement".....the replacement arrived in 2 days......and re-engineered so as eliminate the issue. I say get these products.......they are a great company to work with."

    - Anil P.   Los Gatos, CA    Oct. 12, 2016


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