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    E-Mails - We respond to all emails within one business day, (although most are replied to in just a matter of minutes.)  
    Phone Calls - If you call during business hours, you'll get a live, friendly person from right here in America's heartland, who'll be able to assist you with any request.  There is no automated answering system with countless prompts.  
    Replacement Parts - If you need parts, you'll have them shipped out promptly. We have a full assortment of parts in our two strategically located warehouses.   


    • Don't know if you'll receive this email, but I just wanted to thank you so much for solving my problem with the male quick-disconnect couplings.  I spoke with Scott and he was very professional, courteous and quite accommodating.  Most importantly, it showed me that some companies still have a moral compass and integrity.  Just like the America I used to know so long ago but sadly no longer is. Thank you once again and keep up the good work.  Excellent products. - David A. Gardenerville, NV  October 2017 

    • Frankly, you guys rock.  Outside of these minor issues, your product shows that you genuinely care about quality. And value. For the record, I have almost completed transforming my entire house water system over to ELEY gear exclusively, and delighted to NEVER purchase another hose / nozzle from Home Depot ever again.  You have earned a very loyal and long-standing customer because high quality matters to me too, and you strive for exceptional quality in everything you do. It shows, in the many little ways and details that others overlook. This entire conversation with you being a vivid example. Every phase was extremely professional, supportive, (very) timely, and now, this outcome is extraordinary - certainly exceeding my expectations. But then maybe this should not be a big surprise. I felt you had my back from the very beginning, so hats off you too as well Scott. You should be very proud of your top quality customer experiences.  Your action speaks volumes about your company, culture and leadership team. I would like to say: Bravo to all.  Please forward this message to the highest person in your company, they deserve shout out applause for leading your company toward greatness in the American way we all cherish.  - Paul H. Saratoga, CA  August 2017 

    • The handle broke on our front reel on Thursday. I called Scott, we identified the part, I had it on Saturday. This is superb customer service, so thank you. We have owned 2 of your reels for several years (and our neighbor bought 2 because he was so impressed with ours) and are extremely satisfied with the product. Should have known your customer service would be on the same level. So, thanks again.  - Pam W.  West Covina, CA   August 2017

    • I am so impressed with your family-run business and just wanted to thank you for the successful completion of my upgrade from an older Triton hose reel to a refurbished and improved one, with new tires that don't deflate, a new swivel and new inlet hose. The online videos were a perfect way to know how to install and adjust it all and kudos to you all for making a family of products that last and can be improved upon with new parts!  You all have such a grasp of how to  handle customers and keep them coming back.  BRAVO!  - Stephen S. Southport, CT,   July 2017 

    • Attention: Lisa, Sorry I missed talking to you last week when I called.  Scott said you were on another call. I want you to know how much Harvey and I appreciate your kindness and generosity.  We have never had any organization that was so thoughtful and understanding and so nice to talk with.  Harvey was so happy to get the tires and even the wheels with them.  He said it made replacing them so easy.   You would not believe how quick they arrived and we were able to use the reel again with ease.  I will never forget your service with a smile.  Thank you again for sending the replacement wheels and tires for our Two Wheel Garden Reel Cart.  Best Wishes to you and your family for a wonderful year.  - Harvey & Mabel B., Charlottesville, VA   June 2017

    • Replacement part came today.  No leaks.  Thank you very much for your help and the replacement part!  Really enjoyed talking to the gal that helped me.  Live English-speaking person, not foreign or computer, very pleasant and most of all knowledgeable about your equipment and parts!  What a pleasure!   Dave S., Sunbury, OH   April 2017

    •  "Thanks for your superior customer service-- I love your product but your customer service really completes your product! - Bryan, Jensen Beach, FL  November 2015

    • "Just wanted to say you guys make fantastic products, your support is excellent (I was missing some parts and you shipped them right out), and your instruction manuals are as clear as can be with excellent English and fantastic illustrations. I have four of your wall mount reels on my house and they are a pleasure to use -- strong, smooth and leak free. I love your attention to detail like the hose clamp on the reel and the brake to prevent unreeling too much hose. Great job!" - Steve, Los Altos, CA  November 2015

      • "WOW!   I'm extremely impressed.  I work for a large fortune 200 company with industry leading customer loyalty and the highest customer service scores in the financial services industry.  While we ceaselessly strive to improve customer service at my employer, I've come to expect the companies that serve my needs strive for lower performance standards.  Your company is clearly exceptional and I thank you for your outstanding service to me.  You've made me a lifetime customer and a very strong advocate of your products among my family, friends, peers and acquaintances. Thanks!" - Mike, Boerne, TX  October 2015

        •  "I had ordered a wall mount Eley hose reel at night during the week. The next day I realized I wouldn't be able to mount it where I had planned. I immediately called customer service to revise my order to the free-standing model and was helped with such courtesy that is so rare these days. I was told my order was ready to ship but he would do whatever he could to catch it before it left the building. I ordered the free-standing model at the same time. The customer service rep took care of everything and today I received my new Eley hose reel. Well, if I may say so this is the Rolls-Royce of hose reels. I should have bought this years ago. It's everything the reviewers says is. Thank you for outstanding customer service and the best product in the market". - Dwight, Middle Island, NY  June 2015

          • "Thank you for the straps and springs. Your company has the best customer service that I have experienced in many years. Speaking with an actual person, and having that person do exactly what he said he would do is very pleasant. I had forgotten what that is like. Thanks again, and I'm sure I will be ordering from you again in the future." - Jackie, Apache Jct., AZ  May 2015

            • "I would like to commend the commitment to quality demonstrated by you and your company. This is evident in the attention to detail and quality within your products and also apparent in the quality of your correspondence and customer response." - Leroy, Sugar Land, TX  December 2014

              • "Thank you for your great communication.  I wish more companies would be like yours.  Not only do you make the best quality products, but the support system from customer service and everything you do on the back end compliments the process.  Good companies start with leadership from the top down.  I continually tell people about your products and to stop wasting their money at the home stores over and over again.  Every time I wind up my hose reel from your company I say I should have bought this years ago.  I show off my reel whenever someone comes over."  - Ronn, Incline Village, NV  December 2014

              • "Thank you so much for your excellent customer service.  We received the Y-assembly with the extended axle on Saturday and have the cart put together. The hoses rolled up and put away for the winter in the storage room, ready for Spring.  Your level of support was exceptional." Patricia & David,  Chappaqua, NY   November 2014

              • "Thank you so much for your prompt response.  The Eley hoses, reels, nozzles and quick connects are great products.  Similarly, the Eley Customer Service is the best I’ve ever encountered.  Thank you for a great line of products and for great customer care." - Judith,  Gainesville, FL  November 2014