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    Since their introduction to the market in the early 2000's, the plumbing of all ELEY®, TRITON™ and Rapid-Reel® garden hose reels, (all made by Eley Corporation), have always consisted of two primary components:

    1. Brass Swivel
    2. Inlet Hose

    There have been a variety of swivels and inlet hoses used over the years and the current component that can repair of your particular model may be different than the original that came with your hose reel. Please use the list below to determine the remedy for your particular model:

    ELEY® garden hose reels (sold from 2009 to present)

    eley faq icon

    This grey 6-1/2-feet x 5/8-inch hose is our current inlet hose that fits all ELEY and TRITON hose reels models sold since April 2006.  It replaces all previous inlet hoses including the black rubber hoses.  It is made from 100% drinking-water-safe polyurethane material and is backed by our 10-year warranty.  If you believe your hose falls under this warranty period, please take a picture of the part of the hose that has failed and submit it using our Warranty Claim Form.  Otherwise, this item can be purchased from our 5/8-inch Polyurethane Garden Hose page.


    TRITON™ garden hose reels (sold from 2006 to 2009)

    Rapid-Reel® Pro-Line garden hose reels (sold from 2000 to 2006)

    Rapid-Reelf your Eley or Rapid Reel garden hose reel has developed a leak, please watch this short video to help you determine the exact source of the leak.  The entire plumbing of all Eley and Rapid Reel garden hose reels consist of just two components and this video will help you quickly determine which is the source of the leak. After watching this video, most leaks can be remedied without the need for replacement parts.  However, if your leak is due to a failed component, you can either:

    • Order the appropriate Replacement Part from this website. (Out of warranty)
    • Request a replacement component with our online Warranty Request Form. (Still under Warranty)