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    How do I change the password for my online account?

    The current method for changing your password is through the "Forgot your password" link.  If you're already logged into your account, first log out.  Then reopen the login page.  Instead of logging in, click the "Forgot your password" link and follow the directions to change your password.

    How soon will my order arrive?

    Fast.  Really fast. If placed by 2:30 PM (your local time) on weekdays, an order will almost always ship that same day. Late Friday and weekend orders ship on Monday. With two strategically located warehouses, our shipments arrive to 95% of domestic locations in just 1 or 2 days. For more exact delivery times to your location, view our FedEx Transit Map.

    Are O-ring swivel repair kits available for the older Rapid Reel air hose reels?

    Yes, but not from us.  The O-rings used in the Rapid Reel air hose reel swivel were a common size.  They are available at McMaster Carr, and also might be available at local auto parts stores.  See our Air Hose Reel O-Rings page for me details.

    Are replacement parts available?

    Yes. Eley stocks parts for our proprietary products in two conveniently located warehouses and can ship in a matter of just hours. Parts can be ordered from this website or by calling customer service at 1-866-523-2363, Mon-Fri, 8 AM-5 PM CST.

    What kind of post-sale support do you provide?

    The quality of our customer service is just as important to us as the quality of our products. Our business hours are MON-FRI, 8am-5pm, (CST). Phone calls are typically answered within 3 rings and you'll be greeted in-person, by a live customer service professional from right here in America's heartland, (no automated answering menu). During off-hours, you'll also be able to reach out to us by email using our Contact Us Form. During business hours, emails are replied to in a matter of minutes. The Support section of this website also offers excellent 24/7/365 customer support. You can also read some customer feedback about our post-sale support.

    Can I use a credit card Gift Card along with my regular credit cart to make a purchase.?

    Unfortunately, our website cannot process two cards for a single order.  However, there is another method of accomplishing the same thing.  Use your existing Gift Card to purchase an ELEY Gift Card from this website.  Once you receive your Eley Gift Card & Code, (which can take up to 24 hours to process), then return to this website and simply enter the Eley Gift Card Code at checkout.  You can then complete checkout by paying for the remaining balance with your regular credit card.

    What's the difference between your polyurethane and rubber hoses?

    The right hose for you depends on your needs and personal preferences.  In a nutshell, here are the primary differences:

    Weight - The rubber hose weighs twice as much as the polyurethane hose. This is most noticeable while pulling the hose out and reeling it back in.  Advantage - Polyurethane.

    Durability - The outer cover on the polyurethane hose is made of the same material as the wheels on in-line roller skates.  It is the most durable covering we have every found.  This will be important if the hose is pulled across rough or sharp surfaces, such as rock, or if pulled around stone corners, etc. The outer cover on the rubber hose is softer and easier to tear.   Advantage - Polyurethane. 

    Flexibility - The rubber hose is a softer and more flexible material than the polyurethane.  The rubber hose will wrap back onto the hose reel very uniformly for a nice 'look'. The polyurethane hose is more of a rubbery material.  It has a certain amount of spring or bounce to it. This is an advantage when it comes to kink-resistance, (which is discussed below), but not so much when it comes to creating a nice smooth wrap on the hose.  The poly hose can roll up quickly and easily onto a hose reel, however a picture-perfect looking wrap is not as easily attained as it is with the rubber hose.  Also, the longer lengths of polyurethane hose should only be used with a hose reel. Trying to loop a poly hose into a circular coil on the ground will be an exercise in frustration. Both hoses remain extremely flexible, even in cold temps. Advantage - Rubber.

    Kink-Resistance - The rubber hose is much more likely to kink, like traditional garden hoses, and also retain a 'kink memory', which is what happens when a hose seems to remember where it kinked, and then has a tendency to more easily kink over and over again in that same spot.  The positive side of the rubbery nature of polyurethane hose, is that it has a tendency to 'flip' out of a kink rather than collapse down into one.  Plus, the polyurethane has zero kink memory.  Advantage - Polyurethane.  

    Fittings – The Eley polyurethane hose comes equipped with nickel-plated, crush-proof brass fittings.  The Eley rubber hose is equipped with crush-proof brass fittings.  While they both offer crush-proof strength, the fittings on the poly hose is nickel-plated, which is the same fittings used on most hoses rated for potable (drinking) water.  Advantage – Polyurethane.

    Size/Storage Capacity - Although both hoses provide the same 5/8" ID of water flow, the cover on the rubber hose is much thicker, which is one contributing reason for the additional weight.  The thicker covering also means you can't store as much of the rubber hose on the hose reel.  The maximum capacity of our standard reels with the 5/8" polyurethane hose is 150 feet.  The maximum capacity with 5/8" of rubber hose is only 100 feet.  With the Extra-Capacity Kit, these capacities are 225 feet and 175 feet respectively.  Advantage - Polyurethane. 

    Pressure Rating - The poly hose is rated up to 160 PSI.  The rubber hose is rated at 150 PSI.  Advantage - Polyurethane. 

    Temperature RatingThe poly hose is rated at -40°F to 165°F.  The rubber hose is rated at -40°F to 190°F.  Advantage - Rubber. 

    Non-Marking - The polyurethane cover is 100% non-marking, meaning you don’t have to worry about it leaving marks across clean surfaces.  The rubber hose is a softer material and can occasionally leave marks on surfaces or a small black residue on your hands after reeling the hose in.  Advantage - Polyurethane.

    Warranty - It's difficult to find a warranty period advertised for most garden hoses sold today.  Not so with Eley. Both our warranties are better than virtually any other hose on the market. Our polyurethane hose is warrantied for 10 years, primarily because of the durability of the material, while our rubber hoses are warrantied for 5 years.  Advantage - Polyurethane.   

    Drinking Water Safe - Products marketed as "Drinking Water Safe" must adhere to the NSF/ANSI Standard 61 for Drinking Water System Components as regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The certification process is extremely expensive and time-consuming and simply too cost-prohibitive for companies whose products don't specifically target the "Potable Water" market.  Accordingly, even though our polyurethane hose is made with the same material as other brands that are marketed as drinking water safe, Eley Corporation has not submitted this product for the certification process.  Also, it's unlikely the rubber hose is not classified as drinking water safe.

     Where are the products made?

    Recognizing that today's competitive marketplace is a global one, Eley Corporation has developed a business model that combines both domestic and overseas operations which enable us to:

    • Create our cutting-edge, trend-setting designs
    • Manufacture the highest quality products in our category
    • Sell these premium products at fair and reasonable prices
    • Back them with unparalleled warranties and customer support

    Following is a short list of key company operations and the country in which each takes place:

    • Product Design, Engineering & Testing - United States (In-House)
    • Marketing Development and Implementation - United States (In-House and Outside Agencies)
    • Fabrication, Pre-Assembly & Packaging - China (ELEY owned facility & proprietary designs)
    • Warehousing - United States
    • Shipping & Delivery - United States (Including ocean, rail, truck and courier services such as FedEx, UPS, USPS, and numerous trucking companies.)
    • Customer Service - United States (In-House)

    As you can see, even though some fabrication-related operations take place overseas, your purchase of ELEY products supports both American families and the American economy across a wide range of industries.