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  • Get 12% OFF all garden hose reels.
  • Get 10% OFF all lengths of polyurethane garden hose.
  • Get 12% OFF all watering tools and hose reel accessories.
  • Get 14% OFF all bundled hose reel + polyurethane hose, (minimum 75-foot length).*
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    There are no volume or quantity discounts associated with this sale.

    14% OFF Garden Hose & Reel Bundles

    With 5 hose reel styles and 6 lengths of hose to choose from, there are 36 different (reel + hose) bundle options available.  Shown below are just 6 examples and the kind of savings you can expect.

    *IMPORTANT:  In order to get the 14% reel + hose bundled price; the bundle MUST be added to the shopping cart from the HOSE REEL product page. (View screenshot example)  If a reel and hose are added to the shopping cart individually, from their own product pages, only the 12% discount will be applied to the reel and 10% to the hose.

    Eley wall mount hose reel bundled with 150 foot polyurethane hose
    Eley 1042 free-standing reel and hose bundle
    Eley Two-wheel cart reel bundle with 100-foot hose
    Eley four wheel cart reel with 200 foot polyurethane hose
    Eley wood post reel with 175 foot polyurethane hose
    Eley wall mount reel with 75 feet of polyurethane hose

    12% OFF Hose Reels

    Eley wall mount hose empty
    ELEY 1042 empty sale
    Eley brothers company introduction and overview
    Eley four wheel cart reel empty
    Eley Wood Post hose reel empty
    Eley brothers company introduction and overview

    10% OFF Polyurethane Hose

    12% OFF Watering Tools & Accessories

    Eley wall mount hose reel easter sale
    Watering Tools group shot
    Eley accessories cover on 1043