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    Extra-Capacity Kit

    Extra-Capacity for Your Reel

    The extra-capacity kit allows you to widen the drum of the reel to fit more hose.

    5/8" Capacity 125 feet 38 meters
    5/8" Capacity (with Extra-Capacity Kit) 200 feet 61 meters
    3/4" Capacity 100 feet 30 meters
    3/4" Capacity (with Extra-Capacity Kit) 170 feet 52 meters


    Quality Parts

    The extra-capacity kit includes an aluminum-alloy spacer coated with a Spartan-bronze powder coat finish to match the reel. The longer stainless-steel axle allows for the expansion of the reel and the 3 hex socket head cap screws secure the unit together.

    Works on Reels 2009-Present

    This kit is compatible for all ELEY model reels from 2009 to present day. Assembly is simple and instructions are found in the installation manual.

    Specs & Dimensions

    Click on the thumbnail image below to enlarge the dimensional view.

    Wall Mount 1041, Extra-Capacity

    Free-Standing 1042, Extra-Capacity

    2-Wheel Cart 1043, Extra-Capacity

    4-Wheel Wagon 1043Q, Extra-Capacity

    Will this kit work on older TRITON or Pro-Line hose reels made and sold by ELEY / Rapid-Reel?  

    Sorry, no.  This kit works only on Rapid-Reel and ELEY hose reels sold since May 2009. 

    Extra-Capacity Kit has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 378 reviews.