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    Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel

    This One Model Offers Two Directional Mounting Options

    ELEY Parallel vs perpendicular wall mount garden hose reelThe ELEY model 1041 is a workhorse and the highest-rated wall mount garden hose reel on the market. Our most popular model can be assembled into either a parallel or perpendicular configuration. We show both options in the drop-down menu above so shoppers can see both options, but you don’t have to decide which one you want at the time of purchase. Once the garden hose reel arrives, you decide which configuration you want during the hose reel assembly process.

    The arm of the reel can be attached to the wall plate in two different positions, which determines whether the hose reel will be parallel or perpendicular. You decide which configuration you want and attach the arm accordingly. The simple difference is in what direction the hose gets pulled away from the wall. The parallel configuration pulls the garden hose out alongside the wall, while perpendicular pulls it out straight away from the wall. The wall mount hose reel also comes with stainless mounting hardware for both wood-stud and masonry surfaces.

    Model Overview Video

    Watch this short 85 second video, which will give you a brief overview of our wall-mount hose reels. Discover the unique features, versatility and applications for which these work-horse models are best suited.

    Extreme-Duty, No-Break Construction

    Rugged, rustproof  metal construction, along with high-grade stainless steel hardware, delivers years of commercial-duty durability and reliable performance.  An easy-mount wall plate, comes with all necessary stainless-steel mounting hardware.  Coated with a high-grade, Spartan-bronze powder coat finish, Eley garden hose reels are backed by our industry-leading 10-Year No-Break and No-Rust warranty! 

    Drinking-Safe, No-Leak Plumbing

    Forget about leaks. The entire plumbing on all Eley garden hose reels consists of just two ultra-durable and drinking-water-safe components; our brass & copper swivel  (or rotary union) and our 6-1/2 foot polyurethane inlet hose,  (also referred to as a jumper hose). Eley garden hose reels are backed by our industry-leading 10-Year No-Leak guarantee!

    Practical, Easy-To-Use Functionality

    The product development team at Eley Corporation aren't just designers…they're pioneers. Their cutting-edge features were specifically designed in to make your watering tasks easier and frustration-free.  For example, the ability to configure and mount this hose reel for either parallel or perpendicular use, and for either left or right-hand rewinding, provides you with unmatched versatility.  In addition, our revolutionary cam-lever brake, along with a comfort-grip crank handle, an innovative hose strap, and smooth-spin axle bushings, all combine to take the 'work' out of your watering and cleaning activities.  And for those that need it, an Extra-Capacity Kit will increase the hose capacity of your hose reel.

    Specs & Dimensions

    5/8" Capacity* 125 feet 38 meters
    5/8" Capacity (with Extra-Capacity Kit)* 200 feet 61 meters
    3/4" Capacity* 100 feet 30 meters
    3/4" Capacity (with Extra-Capacity Kit)* 170 feet 52 meters
    Maximum Temperature 140°F 60°C
    Maximum Pressure 150 PSI 10 bar
    Shipping Weight 20 lbs. 9 kg
    Shipping Box Dimensions 20" x 19.25" x 8.5" 51cm x 49cm x 21.6cm
    Extra-Capacity Kit Weight 2 lbs. 1 kg

     * Please note, hose capacities may vary depending on hose brand & style.

    Click on the thumbnail image below to enlarge the dimensional view.

    Standard Capacity, Parallel

    Standard Capacity, Perpendicular

    Extra-Capacity Kit, Parallel

    Extra-Capacity Kit, Perpendicular

    Common Questions - Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel

    What's the difference between Parallel and Perpendicular

    eley parallel vs perpendicular arm attachment Our wall mount garden hose reel can be configured for EITHER parallel OR perpendicular. Because we show both configurations on the product page, some customers get confused, thinking they have to specify and order one or the other. The truth is, you're going to get the same model (Item 1041) whether your order reflects parallel or perpendicular. You decide which configuration you want during the assembly process. Which configuration you end up with depends on how the reel's arm is attached to the wall plate. Click on the image to enlarge.

    Does this reel pivot or rotate to different directions?

    No. This model can be configured and mounted in a fixed parallel or perpendicular direction. The reel can also be reconfigured into either direction at any time by changing the orientation of the arm's attachment to the wall plate.  However, the mounted direction is fixed and does not offer a rotating or pivoting action. 

    What are the dimensions of the wall plate and mounting holes?

    eley model 1041 wall plate and mounting holes dimensions

    I have a question about the assembly and installation of this model

    Follow this link to view more assembly and installation Q&A, downloadable PDF instruction manuals, and step-by-step assembly demonstration videos.  Assembly Instructions - Wall Mount Hose Reels

    Can this model be mounted to stucco?

    Yes, The ELEY 1041 wall mount garden hose reel can be mounted to stucco.  However, it is extremely important that the reel is anchored into a solid surface behind the stucco finish.  The reel must be anchored into the wall studs and may require longer lag screws than provided.  If there is masonry behind the stucco finish you will use the sleeve anchors or a masonry anchor.  If you are not confident in your ability to locate the studs we recommend you consider the post mount, cart, or free-standing hose reel.  If you attempt to mount the hose reel to a stucco finish without locating the studs the reel will more than likely fall off causing damage to the reel and your stucco finish. 

    For brick, should I mount into the brick face or the mortar?

    When mounting to brick it is acceptable to mount the reel into the mortar joints, or directly into the brick or block itself.  Watch our video for mounting to a brick wall.

    Can the wall plate be mounted vertically instead of horizontally?

    Yes, The 1041 wall mount hose reel can be mounted with the wall plate vertically as long as the reel is set up in the parallel configuration only.  The mounting holes will be 7-5/16” apart left-to-right, and 16” on center, top-to-bottom.  The wall plate of a perpendicular configured reel must remain horizontal.

    What is the best height to mount the reel to the wall?

    Because we are only discussing one variable at this time (height), consider the following ergonomic principles: 1)all work activities should permit the worker to adopt several different, but equally healthy and safe postures 2) where muscular force has to be exerted it should be done by the largest appropriate muscle groups available. 3)work activities should be performed with the joints at about mid-point of their range of movement. This applies particularly to the head, trunk, and upper limbs. If possible, position the center of the reel six inches below your belt.

    Is it okay to mount this aluminum-alloy reel to pressure-treated lumber?

    The pressure treatments ACQ – (Alkaline Copper Quaternary) and CA – (Copper azole) are very corrosive and contact with aluminum should always be avoided.  We advise placing the included mounting hole standoffs between the reel and pressure-treated lumber.  If space does not allow the standoffs then stainless steel washers should be used.

    What size are the enclosed anchor bolts and wood screws?

    The mounting hardware supplied with the hose reel includes stainless steel lag bolts for stud wall mounting which are 1/4" x 2", and stainless steel sleeve anchors for masonry applications which are 5/16" x 1-3/4".

    Can this model be mounted to a trailer?

    No, the ELEY model 1041 garden hose reel is not designed for nor intended for over-the-road applications. The warranty of the product does not apply when products are used in excess of their rated capacities and design functions or under abnormal conditions.

    Can the reel be removed from the wall for the winter without removing the wall plate?

    Yes,  The wall-mounted hose reel can be removed from the axle/wall plate without removing the mounting bracket.  Please see the steps below.

    1. Disconnect your hose from the brass swivel.  (You will leave your hose wrapped up on the reel for storage.)
    2. Unthread the brass swivel from the axle of the reel by loosening the silver retaining nut from the axle by turning it counter-clockwise.
    3. Pull the swivel and about 6” of hose out the front side of the reel
    4. Unthread the brass swivel from the inlet hose.
    5. Slide the cam-lever brake off the axle.
    6. Slide the hose reel off of the axle and take to your designated space for winter storage along with the swivel, brake, and inlet hose assembly.

    I don't see my question on this list.

    Please visit our Shopper Help Desk for more information.

    Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 7889 reviews.