Brass Garden Hose Shut Off Valve with Swivel Fitting

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A versatile, commercial-duty shut-off valve that can attach to garden hoses, faucets, or watering tools to provide precise flow control away from the spigot.


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Rugged, Commercial-Duty Construction

The main body of this rugged shut-off valve is constructed from high-quality, machined, and forged drinking water-safe ECO brass. A stainless steel laminar blade in the male fitting reduces water turbulence and provides maximum water flow and performance. The heavy-duty interior ball is made from durable chrome-plated brass. The easy-grab ON/OFF flow control lever and finger-friendly female fitting are formed from a high-impact resin material, and the long-life O-ring washer in the female fitting is made from ultra-strong and heat-resistant EPDM material.

User-Friendly Swivel Fitting

This durable shut-off valve is equipped with a finger-friendly swivel female fitting that enables the valve to be rotated after it's tightened onto a hose, faucet, or watering tool. This unique feature allows you to rotate the ON/OFF lever into a comfortable, user-friendly position for operation. The oversized finger grips on the female fitting make it much easier to get a water-tight seal with the durable O-ring gasket and to loosen the fitting for removal of the valve. 

Smooth-Action Flow Control

The oversized, 1/4-turn, "Stay-Put" flow control lever is easy to grab and adjust and stays right where you set it for precise water flow control. Ultra-durable and maintenance-free Teflon® seals keep the valve operating smoothly and leak-free for over ten years, guaranteed

Wide Variety of Uses

Equipped with standard 3/4-inch garden hose threads (GHT), this versatile valve can attach to any brand of garden hose, faucet, or watering tool to make outdoor watering activities easier and more efficient. Use it between two hoses for in-sight adjustment of sprinkler flow. Place it at the end of a short hose connected to a hard-to-reach faucet for easy-access flow control. Eliminate time-consuming and wrist-fatiguing on/off rotation of the faucet knob by putting it directly on a faucet for quick and easy flow control. Place it at the end of the hose for convenient flow control without having to walk back to the faucet.  

Combine with ELEY Quick Connectors

Combine this valve with ELEY quick connectors for maximum efficiency in outdoor watering activities. ELEY quick-connectors speed the connecting and disconnecting of garden hoses and watering tools to and from each other and outdoor spigots. The connectors can only disconnect when there is little to no water pressure. Using this shut-off valve to stop the water flow allows the water pressure to be released and the fast disengagement of the quick-connector socket & plug.

What is the inside diameter (ID) of the valve?

When fully open, the interior ball valve creates an opening that is 14mm in diameter (0.55 inches), or just over 1/2" ID.

Is the ON/OFF lever replaceable if I manage to break it?

Yes.  It can be purchased from this website from the following link.  Ball Valve Lever (Item 2961)

Can the water flow in either direction?

Yes.  The internal valve is a ball that simply turns the flow of the water on or off, regardless of which direction it comes from.  You can also set the ON/OFF lever at any position to adjust the flow of water from fully on to fully off or anywhere in between.