ELEY® Corporation, [pronounced 'ee-lee'], is a Nebraska-born, family-owned company that has been designing and providing commercial-duty garden hose, hose reels, and watering tools since our start in 1990. Growing up in rural farm & ranch country, we quickly learned the importance and value of quality-built equipment. By focusing on these small-town values, ELEY® (previously branded as Rapid-Reel®) has grown into one of America's most respected and leading brands of outdoor watering products. The three founding brothers, Mark, Warren, and Craig, still manage the organization, personally ensuring a Midwestern-style commitment to product quality and customer support.

Videos From the Brother Owners

Eley brothers company introduction thumbnailWho Is Eley Corporation?

Co-founder Warren Eley gives a quick overview of who we are and why you can have confidence in establishing a relationship with Eley Corporation.

Craig Eley What Sets Us Apart ThumbnailWhat Sets Us Apart

Co-founder Craig Eley explains the quality-minded approach the ELEY design team takes in developing the highest-rated outdoor watering products on the market.

Eley brothers company introduction and overviewMeet the Eley Brothers

Founding brothers Mark, Warren and Craig explain the core philosophies and small-town values that define the company's business model.

Company FAQs

Where to Buy

who we sell toELEY products are ONLY sold consumer-direct from this corporate website. We do not offer a wholesale program, and therefore ELEY products are not available through traditional local or online retailers. However, virtually any business or online influencer can earn commissions by referring prospective customers to this website through our Affiliate Program.

Where We Ship To

usa on globeCurrently, ELEY products are only sold in the United States, including Alaska, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and APO/FPO addresses. Destinations in the 48 contiguous states are typically shipped via UPS, with the other locations by USPS. We neither sell nor ship to international destinations, including Canada. Unfortunately, complicated and problematic government requirements prevent easy cross-border shipping. We don't see a resolution to this any time soon. For complete details, visit our SHIPPING page.

Speed of Delivery

eley speed of delivery mapWe ship Monday through Friday, and if placed by 2:30 PM (your local time), orders typically ship the same day. With two strategically located warehouses, we're able to deliver to 95% of all addresses in the 48 states in just a few days. (click on map to enlarge). For complete details and up-to-date information of any temporary shipping delays, visit our SHIPPING page.

Customer Assistance

eley faq iconThe quality of our customer support is just as important to us as the quality of our products. You can visit Customer Feedback to read what our customers have to say about our in-house support team. Our Online Help Desk provides comprehensive 24/7/365 support, and most inquiries can be self-diagnosed and answered by working down through the relevant topics. If you're unable to get your question answered or issue resolved through this help desk, then you will be able to reach out to us, and one of our Midwest customer support specialists will assist you during our regular business hours of 8-5, M-F, CST.

10-Year Warranty

eley ten year warranty iconHow many products can you purchase today that will guarantee that they'll work just as well ten years from now? ELEY makes that promise. We believe that the length of a product warranty is directly correlated to how much confidence the manufacturer has in the product they've produced. ELEY backs all of our products with an astounding 10-YEAR NO-Leak, NO-Break, NO-Rust guarantee! If you do have a failure, we'll promptly send you a new replacement for whatever product or component has failed. See our Warranty Policy for complete details.

30-Day Returns

eley returns iconWe're not happy unless you're happy. You'll have 30 days from the purchase date to return any item, for any reason, for a full refund. And even though we give our customers a full month to put ELEY products to the test, to ensure they meet their quality and performance expectations, less than one half of one percent (0.005%) return their purchase. Many returns are the result of ordering the wrong item or quantity, so double-check your shopping cart before submitting your order. See our Returns Policy for complete details.

Privacy & Security

eley privacy iconThe privacy of your personal information is of utmost importance to ELEY Corporation, and numerous safeguards have been put in place to ensure its security. We also guarantee that your information will only be used internally by ELEY for relevant customer-vendor communications. Your information will never be sold or shared with any outside or third-party entity. We also do not store credit card information, as we believe it to be the most secure method of protecting your card. Our many repeat customers have simply grown accustomed to knowing they'll need to have their credit card handy when they return to make another purchase. See our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for complete details.

Where are ELEY products made?

Fabrication of our product components takes place in both the USA and China. Company operations, however, involve much more than just the fabrication process, including product R&D and design, packaging, marketing, transportation, warehousing & fulfillment, and the ever-important customer support. Recognizing that today's competitive marketplace is a global one, Eley Corporation has developed a business model that combines both domestic and overseas operations, which enable us to:

        1. Design revolutionary & innovative products based on customer needs instead of on equipment we own.
        2. Manufacture the highest quality products in our category
        3. Sell these premium products at fair and reasonable prices
        4. Back them with unparalleled warranties and customer support

    For more detailed information about our operations and history, please visit History & Overview of ELEY Manufacturing.

    Looking for Rapid-Reel?
    rapid reel logo

    Don't worry, you found us. ELEY Corporation and Rapid-Reel are the same company...always have been.

    In 1990, when the John Eley family started a hose reel manufacturing company in their rural Nebraska hometown of Orchard, John and his three sons initially named it Reel Quick, Inc. However, in the mid-1990s, they decided to transition to the less confusing and more easily remembered, Rapid-Reel brand name. A few years later, they also introduced the sub-brand of TRITON. They marketed their hose reels under these brand names until 2010 when the product offering started expanding beyond just quality hose reels. With the addition of newly developed garden hose and watering tools, the need arose for a brand name that wasn't singularly focused on just hose reels. As a result, the company was renamed after the family's surname to Eley Corporation, and all products were consolidated under the ELEY brand name.

    We take a great deal of pride in being able to design, produce and deliver the finest garden hose reels, garden hose and watering tools on the market. We wouldn't put our name on it if we didn't.

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    What Customers Say About Us

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    Video Testimonies

    Scott Deckert Eley Hose Reel TestimonyI Love What They Stand For

    Living on a large acreage with almost 100 trees to care for, Scott Deckert owns four ELEY hose reels equipped with our polyurethane garden hose and heavy-duty watering tools. Very few have put ELEY products to the test like this landscape enthusiast.

    Dan Hansen Eley Hose Reel TestimonyELEY Simplified Our Life

    Don Hansen and his wife love plants and flowers. A lot of them. All of which require frequent watering. With both having hectic work schedules, time is a valuable commodity. Hear how ELEY products have helped them enjoy their backyard more, instead of tending to it.

    Jerry and Rosie Eley Hose Reel TestimonyQuality is the #1 Driver

    Jerry and Rosie are quality-minded people. They do their research and pay attention to the small details.  Aesthetics, durability, and performance are key elements to their satisfaction, and ELEY products turned out to be a perfect match for their quality standards.

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