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    1. Founded in 1990, Nebraska-born and family-owned Eley Corporation was formed with a mission to design, produce and sell the most durable and reliable hose reels on the planet. 

    2. Our first few years saw double-digit growth and we quickly outgrew the capacity of our hometown facility.  In 1996 we moved our operations to a new facility in Lincoln, NE.

    3. In the early 2000's, after taking a firm "Made in America" stand since our founding, we watched a significant level of our sales disappear as many of retail and wholesale partners chose lower-priced China-made knock-offs. The pattern was clear, and it was time for a hard decision...move our fabrication operations offshore or find something else to do for a living. 

    4. With a sizable demand for the quality and performance of our products, we moved our fabrication operations offshore in 2006.

    5. Suddenly having every type of manufacturing equipment and process now available to them, through contract manufacturers, the Eley product development team was freed up to design products that would best serve the needs of our customers, instead of designing them around the equipment we already owned.

    6. Ensuring that all products are made to our strict quality standards, today's Eley products are the highest quality and best performing that we have ever produced.