Garden Hose Quick Connect Sets

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Eliminate the time-consuming (and often difficult) chore of constantly threading and unthreading your garden hose onto and off your faucets and watering tools with ELEY's commercial-duty, 3/4-inch full-flow quick-connect system. Custom design your own quick connect system with plug & socket quantity options.

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Commerical Duty Construction

The ELEY quick-connect system is the most rugged, reliable, and trouble-free connector available. Made from commercial-grade, drinking water safe, lead-free ECO brass, both massive components deliver an unobstructed full flow of 3/4-inch water volume, enabling you to perform your watering tasks faster and more effectively. The socket's two innovative sliding stainless-steel pins lock the plug into a firm, leak-proof connection. Standard 3/4-inch garden hose threads (GHT) are suitable for use with any brand of garden hose, faucet, or watering tool. Also, unlike aluminum fittings, all-brass ELEY fittings will never weld (galvanically corrode) themselves to brass faucets or watering tools.

Ultra-Easy Connecting & Disconnecting

With our innovative Push-n-Click design, simply push the plug into the socket until you hear (or feel) the "click of the stainless steel pins engaging the groove on the plug for a firm, water-tight seal. Releasing the connection is just as easy as a slight 1/8-inch pull-down on the socket's Easy-Release-Sleeve will disengage the pins and free the two connector pieces.

Smooth Operation, Long-Life Design

ELEY's cutting-edge design places our extreme-duty O-ring seal on the plug instead of inside the socket because it delivers a more reliable and long-lasting leak-free seal and makes it easier to inspect, lubricate, and replace the O-ring when necessary. Our Garden Hose Quick Connect Maintenance Kit (Item #1185, sold separately) comes with a 100% Silicone grease tube and 10 replacement O-rings. A thin coating of the silicone grease applied to the O-ring once or twice per year will extend its life and keep the engagement and disengagement of the two pieces smooth and easy.

Before and After Examples

This short video demonstrates how dramatically the ELEY quick-connect system can make outdoor watering activities more efficient and enjoyable.

Consider Pairing with an ELEY Shut-Off Valve

To disengage a connected socket and plug, the water pressure in the hose must first be released. If you plan on placing a quick connector at the end of your garden hose for changing out watering tools, you may want to consider adding an ELEY shut-off valve first. Without a shut-off valve, in order to release the water pressure, you would have to either 1) walk back to the faucet to turn the water off or 2) kink the hose near the end of the hose. A better method would be to first attach an ELEY shut-off valve on the end of the hose and then thread the quick-connect socket onto the shut-off valve. This would allow you to shut off the water flow, release the pressure with the watering tool, and then disengage the quick connect set. ELEY offers two shut-off valves. Item #1117 is a straight shut-off valve. Item #1116 (shown in this video) is the same valve, but equipped with a swivel fitting, allowing you to rotate the valve, once tightened down, to position the ON/OFF lever in a desired position.

Frequently Asked Questions - Quick Connectors

These FAQs are specific to the Quick Connect item. For general FAQs (specifications, ratings, etc.) about all ELEY watering tools, visit our Watering Tools FAQs.

Are replacement O-rings available for the plugs?

Yes. They are Item #3041. We also recommend purchasing a tube of ELEY Silicone Grease, which is designed explicitly for our O-ring material. Periodically applying a thin coating of this 100% silicone grease to the O-rings will extend their life and improve performance.

Does the socket stop the water flow when I remove the plug from it?

No. The plug cannot be removed while under pressure.  The water pressure must be first turned off before the quick-connect set can be separated. There are two methods of doing this. First, by shutting the water off back at the faucet/water source. The second method is to install a ball valve directly before the socket. (See photo) This will allow you to shut the water off right at the quick-connect set, without having to return to the faucet/water source. Eley offers two garden hose ball valves that work perfectly for this application, our straight Garden Hose Ball Valve and our Swivel Garden Hose Ball Valve.

How will these perform in freezing temperatures?

You'll likely have some difficulty. Even with water flowing in freezing environments, it doesn't take much moisture to cause the brass parts to stick together. In particular, it may be challenging to get the sleeve on the socket to slide to disengage the plug. The quick-connect sets were designed to operate in above freezing conditions.

Is this item drinking water safe?

Yes. Water flowing through your ELEY reels, hoses, and watering tools stays pure because we use only 100% drinking water-safe internal component materials. It's all safe from the lead-free brass and rubber seals down to the assembly lube.

Are they compatible with other brands of quick connectors?


What maintenance is required?

Depending on the frequency of use, the O-rings on the plugs should periodically be coated with a thin layer of Silicone Grease. This will not only improve the performance of the quick-connect set but also increase the life of the O-rings.