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Scott Deckert Eley Hose Reel TestimonyI Love What They Stand For

Living on a large acreage with almost 100 trees to care for, Scott Deckert owns four ELEY hose reels equipped with our polyurethane garden hose and heavy-duty watering tools. Very few have put ELEY products to the test like this landscape enthusiast.

Dan Hansen Eley Hose Reel TestimonyELEY Simplified Our Life

Don Hansen and his wife love plants and flowers. A lot of them. All of which require frequent watering. With both having hectic work schedules, time is a valuable commodity. Hear how ELEY products have helped them enjoy their backyard more, instead of tending to it.

Jerry and Rosie Eley Hose Reel TestimonyQuality is the #1 Driver

Jerry and Rosie are quality-minded people. They do their research and pay attention to the small details.  Aesthetics, durability, and performance are key elements to their satisfaction, and ELEY products turned out to be a perfect match for their quality standards.

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