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    Garden Hose Spray Nozzle Sets

    User-Friendly Features

    Our cutting-edge features were specifically designed to make your watering tasks easier and frustration-free. Like our easy-to-use stay put lever  which allows for total control of water flow with a simple push or pull of the level. The ergonomically contoured comfort pistol grip  makes for the perfect fit in the palm of your hand. While the swivel connection   gives you the ability to turn the spray gun in any direction without the hose twisting or coming off while in use. 

    Commercial Duty Construction

    Tired of not getting enough water pressure from your nozzle? The  full-flow ball valve solves this by delivering the full amount of water available to go the distance needed. The  durable brass plumbing guarantees years of use and it's 100% drinking-water safe. Our   threaded nozzles are also guaranteed not to leak for 10 years! Say goodbye to cheap, plastic watering tools for this heavy-duty spray nozzle set is a keeper. 

    Multi-Use Spray Patterns

    Using our two interchangeable nozzles you get a total of six spray patterns. These versatile water functions are guaranteed to fulfill any watering or cleaning project. The innovative watering nozzle comes with four stainless screens allowing for the best shower pattern based on water flow ranging from 1 to 4 gallons per minute (GPM). 

    Have a cleanup job to do? Our cleaning nozzle will help you quickly get it done. The  dirt buster laser pattern gives a jet-like stream to remove hard materials. The   aggressive fan pattern will allow you to cover a wider area but still gives you the water pressure you'd expect for a tidy clean up. If you need a  gentle fan pattern, simply pull the nozzle all the way back to clean off surfaces. 

    Specs & Dimensions

    • Weight:  2 lbs.  (0.9 kg)
    • Max Temperature:  165°F  (74°C)
    • Max Pressure:  120 PSI  (8.3 bar)

    Click on the thumbnail image below to enlarge the dimensional view.

    Cleaning Nozzle

    Watering Nozzle

    Common Questions

    Is this item drinking water safe?

    Yes.  Water flowing through your ELEY reels, hoses, and watering tools stays pure because we use only 100% drinking water-safe internal component materials. From the lead-free brass and rubber seals, down to the assembly lube—it’s all safe.

    What is the inside diameter (ID) of the interior ball valve?

    When fully open, the interior ball valve creates an opening that is 14mm in diameter, (0.55 inches), or just over 1/2" Inside Diameter.[/section]

    What type of threads are on the nozzles and gun?

    All threads on this product are 3/4-inch Standard Garden Hose Threads (GHT).  Accordingly, both the gun and the nozzles can be directly threaded onto any standard garden hose or watering tool.  Virtually all garden hoses used in North America, (whether 1/2-inch, 5/8-inch, or 3/4-inch) are equipped with threads that are 3/4-inch GHT. 

    What is the grip made from?  I have a contact allergy to rubber.

    The rubber grip material is thermoplastic vulcanizate, (TPV).  Santoprene - Wikipedia

    Garden Hose Spray Nozzle Sets has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 2303 reviews.