We Get It.

We occasionally get inquiries about discounts and special offers. There is nothing wrong with wanting to buy a quality product for the best price possible. We get it. However, when it comes to our pricing, we're also firm believers in two age-old adages:

  1. You get what you pay for.  ELEY products are worth every penny.  We make the best watering products on the market and sell them at a fair price, and everybody pays the same. Simple, uncomplicated, and fair. Just the way we like it. After all, how many products can you buy today that are GUARANTEED to perform just as well 10 years from now? Well, we make that promise.  Watch this short video: Are ELEY Products Really Worth the Price?

  2. Keep it simple.  Although we occasionally will run a promotion, ELEY stays away from rebates, coupons and other complicated and messy promotions.  We decided a long time ago that we were going to just keep it simple...sell a great product at a fair price, with an occasional sale. 

How can I know when ELEY runs a sale or promotion? 
The best way to know when we run a promotion is to sign up for our email or SMS notifications.  Don't worry, we're not the kind of company that is going to flood your inbox with a bunch of unwanted emails.  The sign-up form can be accessed by clicking the following button. 

Does ELEY offer senior, military, repeat customer, large volume or similar discounts? 

Sorry, we don't.  Again, we sell a great product at a fair price and don't complicate things with rebates, coupons, or discounts, including some of the more popular ones such as senior citizen, military, first-responders, or repeat customer, large order, etc.

Does ELEY sell products that have been returned at a discounted price?

ELEY does not offer returned products for sale. 

What about an ELEY discount code I found on a coupon website?

They're not legitimate. We're not sure where coupon websites get their information, but if you see a posting on these type of sites for a discount code on ELEY products...it won't work. We do not generate nor honor any such codes.

Does ELEY partner with online, social media, or local area influencers?

ELEY does not offer discounts or sample products in return for online, social media or local area influencer reviews or promotions. Our experience is that the promise of future sales and conversions often doesn't materialize as projected.  As such, we encourage these interested parties to purchase the ELEY products they're interested in, then sign up and participate in our Affiliate Program, which pays commissions for actual sales and conversions from the prospects that the affiliate sends to our website. As the referred traffic converts into sales on the ELEY website, the desired discount or free products can be realized in the form of affiliate commissions. For influencers with a large enough following, the affiliate commissions earned usually far exceed the value of free samples.  A sign-up form can be found on our Affiliate Program page.

Does ELEY donate any products for charitable causes or organizations? 

For a variety of reasons, at this time, ELEY does not offer a specific charitable donation program.  

Does ELEY offer an Affiliate Referral Program?

Yes, and it is super easy to do. It's no different than letting others know about a great new restaurant, movie, or Netflix show...with one big difference...you can get paid by informing others about ELEY products. Not only can you quickly earn enough to cover the cost of your purchase, but well beyond it. Here's how to get started:

  1. After your initial purchase, sign up by taking just a few seconds to provide your name and address on our Affiliate Application Form.

  2. You'll get your own unique digital affiliate link from us. Share this link via email, text messaging or social media posts to anyone (family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, etc.) who you think would be interested in upgrading their light-duty, outdoor watering products with most durable and highest-rated brand on the market.

  3. Your tracked affiliate link will send your referrals to our website to start shopping. You'll immediately start earning a nice commission (paid to your PayPal account) when they place their orders.

Are ELEY products worth the price?

Absolutely!  The old saying, "You get what you pay for," is just as true today as it ever has been.  Want us to prove it to you?  Check out the detailed valuation analysis on the following page:  Are ELEY Products Really Worth the Price?