Eley Corporation stopped making the Rapid-Reel air hose reels in 2005. The only part still available for Rapid Reel air hose reels, like models AR100 and AR50, is the triangular-base crank handle.

Swivel O-Rings

ELEY no longer offers the O-rings used in the Rapid-Reel air hose reel swivels, however, they are a common size. They are available at McMaster Carr, and also might be available at local auto parts stores. Below are two diagrams to help you identify which air swivel you have. Above each diagram are linked part numbers, which will navigate you to the appropriate McMaster Carr online product page where you'll have the option of purchasing the items.

Buying Locally

These McMaster Carr product pages will also provide the exact size and dimensional specifications of the items in case you want to find them locally.

If your air swivel looks like the first diagram below, then you'll need:

    • Qty. 1 of a pressure seal, reference #10 (4201.024). McMaster Carr item # 9452K21
    • Qty. 2 of a backup ring, reference #9 (.4103.011) McMaster Carr item # 9560K38
    • Qty. 1 of a dust seal, reference #11 (old 0.4201.036) McMaster Carr item # 9559K19Rapid-Reel Air Swivel Parts

If your air swivel looks like the one below, then you'll need:

    • 2 each BUNA O-rings, Reference #5 (4201.012) McMaster Carr item # 9452K57

Rapid Reel 2005.000 Air Swivel Parts