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    Garden Watering Tools

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    Designed for durability and made with extreme-duty components, Eley garden watering tools are the best on the market, backed by an industry-leading 10-year NO-Leak, NO-Break, NO-Rust guarantee. Use these watering tools to complement your hose reel and garden hoses. These tools will make your watering and hose handling system more efficient with higher performance while saving you time and making your life easier. Choose from high-quality spray nozzles, sockets, valves, and other essentials for your Eley hose and reel.

    The spray nozzles in this collection are specifically designed for Eley hoses, so they're guaranteed to fit perfectly without leaking. Choose the Professional Spray Nozzle Set for a variety of spray patterns. The set comes with two extreme-duty brass interchangeable nozzles, so you can go from watering plants to cleaning off the patio. The Brass Watering Nozzle and Adjustable Watering Nozzle are perfect for watering large gardens, flowerbeds, and plants as they provide cascades of water. The adjustable model allows the user to choose from short or long-range patterns. Need a spray nozzle to take care of cleaning around your property or the family's vehicles? The Adjustable Cleaning Nozzle offers three practical patterns to meet a variety of cleaning needs. This option is rated at 90 PSI maximum pressure, so it'll help get your day to day tasks done with ease. Our Swiveling Pistol Grip Spray Gun can be combined with the Adjustable Watering Nozzle, Adjustable Cleaning Nozzle, and/or the Brass Watering Nozzle.

    With this assortment of Eley spray nozzles, you'll need the proper sockets and valves to fit them to your hoses. We make quite a selection of these to best suit your needs. Choose the Garden Hose Quick Connect System that includes a plug and socket that help save time. Our garden watering tools collection also features 2-Way Y Valves, ball valves, and rubber gaskets. These plugs, sockets, and valves are made of commercial-duty brass and stainless steel which are guaranteed to be drinking water safe.

    Other Eley products included in this selection are designed to keep hose use functional and extend longevity. The Stainless Steel Hose Guide is constructed with stainless steel shaped into a hook. With roller-balls, this tool is designed to help guide the hose in the yard so it doesn't get wrapped under bushes, tires, rocks, or other obstructions. We provide the stainless steel stake here as well. When you're ready to put your hose up for the winter, keep it blocked off with the ¾" Brass Garden Hose Cap. This simple product will keep dirt, debris, and small animals out of the hose while in storage.

    All of our garden watering tools are backed by our 10-year warranty. If you have questions or concerns about our inventory of garden watering tools, please contact us by emailing customer service or calling 800-523-4321 for more information.