Designed for durability and made with extreme-duty components, Eley garden watering tools are the best on the market, backed by an industry-leading 10-year NO-Leak, NO-Break, NO-Rust guarantee. Use these garden watering tools to complement your hose reel and garden hoses. These garden tools will make your watering and hose handling system more efficient with higher performance while saving you time and making your life easier. Choose from high-quality spray nozzles, sockets, valves, and other essentials for your ELEY hose and reel. View FAQs for Watering Tools

FAQs - Garden Watering Tools and Accessories

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Are ELEY watering tools drinking-water-safe?

Yes.   All materials that come in contact with water are made from drinking water safe materials, including brass, rubber, seals and assembly lubricants.  Even the rubber gaskets and O-rings are made from 100% drinking-water safe material.  More details are covered in our article What You Need to Know About Outdoor Drinking Water Safe Garden Products.

What type of fitting thread is on ELEY watering tools?

ELEY garden watering equipment is produced from 100% drinking water safe, lead-free brass, machined with standard 3/4-inch Garden Hose Threads (GHT), which is the standard thread used throughout the USA and Canada for virtually all garden hose and watering tools. As such, ELEY watering tools are compatible with almost any brand of garden hose or watering tool sold in North America. However, garden hose thread (GHT) is not compatible with NPT (National Pipe Thread), typically found on most steel and brass pipe fittings. So remember, 3/4-inch GHT is not the same as 3/4-inch NPT.

What is the flow, temperature, and pressure rating of ELEY watering tools?

All ELEY watering tools and valves are rated to 165°F (74°C) and 120 PSI  (8.3 bar).  However, we cannot provide accurate figures regarding the flow rate (GPM) and pressure (PSI) that you'll experience at the end of your garden hose as several factors contribute to this calculation. These include the length of hose, size of plumbing feeding your faucet, incoming pressure of your city of well supply, as well as the inside diameter of your garden hose and watering tools. However, regarding the inside diameter of ELEY watering tools and hose, please refer to the following table:

ELEY Product

Inside Diameter (ID)

All Valves & Nozzles

0.55-inches (14mm)


0.75-inches (19.05mm)

5/8" Garden Hose

0.625-inch (16 mm)

Can ELEY valves be used for indoor use?

No, ELEY products are intended for outdoor use only.

Is plumber's tape or other sealant needed for the threads?

No, you won’t need Teflon® tape, paste, or any other type of thread sealant for ELEY watering tools. With an O-ring gasket in the female fitting, they are designed to seal by simply tightening them onto the end of a garden hose or spigot, just like any other garden hose or watering tool.

Does ELEY make any other style of watering tools?

Products We Offer The only watering tools we design, manufacture, and sell at this time are found on this website. To be notified of future new product releases, please join our subscriber list using our Notification Sign-up Form. Specifically, at this time, we DO NOT make or sell the following watering tools:
  • Watering Wands
  • Sprinklers
  • Timers
  • Hose Hangers
  • Watering Cans
Brand Recommendations? For watering tools we don't produce, unfortunately, we're not in a position to recommend other brands.
Product Suggestions Customer feedback is given serious consideration at ELEY and we tabulate all suggestions to help determine popularity. If you have a suggestion for a new product or a product improvement, we'd love to hear from you. Use the following link to submit your feedback. Submit Product Suggestion

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