Brass Watering Nozzle

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This durable, innovative, and versatile nozzle can be threaded directly onto any hose, valve, wand, or watering tool to deliver a gentle showerhead watering pattern. Backed by ELEY's 10-YEAR No-Leak, No-Fail Guarantee & Warranty.


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Commercial Duty Construction

Made from forged, high-grade ECO brass, this versatile watering nozzle will deliver decades of trouble-free watering. The four screens are made from rust-proof stainless steel. The O-ring gasket and smooth brass threads provide a reliable, water-tight seal to guarantee zero leaks for over ten years! Also, unlike aluminum nozzles, ELEY brass nozzles will never weld (galvanically corrode) themselves to your brass faucet or watering tools. Rated to 90 PSI maximum pressure and 100% drinking water safe.

Custom-Fit Watering Performance

Our innovative watering nozzle comes with four interchangeable stainless-steel screens and a quick-change tool, allowing for quick and easy changing out of the screens. The four screens are labeled with minimum flow requirements, ranging from 1 to 4 gallons per minute (GPM). Try each of the four screens to determine which delivers the best gentle watering pattern for the flow level of your particular water supply system. The lower your system's water flow, the lower GPM screen you'll want to use. Made from ECO-brass and stainless-steel this nozzle is 100% drinking water safe.

Combine with Shut-Off Valves and Quick Connectors

Because this nozzle is produced with standard 3/4-inch Garden Hose Threads (GHT), it can be directly threaded onto any brand of garden hose, spray nozzle, or shut-off valve. Combining this nozzle with one of the ELEY shut-off valves and one of our quick-connectors (demonstrated in this video) makes a great and versatile alternative to the traditional pistol-grip type spray nozzles. ELEY offers two shut-off valves. Item #1117 is a straight shut-off valve. Item #1116 (shown in this video) is the same valve but equipped with a swivel fitting, allowing you to rotate the valve, once tightened down, to position the ON/OFF lever in a desired position.

Frequently Asked Questions - Brass Watering Nozzle

These FAQs are specific to the Brass Watering Nozzle. For general FAQs (specifications, ratings, etc.) about all ELEY watering tools, visit our Watering Tools FAQs.

What does the GPM rating of each screen mean?

GPM stands for Gallons Per Minute. It is the minimum amount of water flow required to have a drip-free shower pattern flow from that particular screen when placed in the nozzle. A flow of water less than the GPM indicated on the screen will likely result in the nozzle dripping. For example, a 3 GPM screen will require a flow of water through your garden hose of at least 3 gallons per minute. If a 3 GPM screen is dripping, change it out to the 2 GPM screen. If the 2 GPM screen also drips, try the 1 GPM screen.

What is the maximum flow rate for each screen?

The maximum flow for each screen, before the screen buckles, distorts or fails, is as follows:

  • 1 GPM MAX flow rating is 7 GPM
  • 2 GPM MAX flow rating is 12 GPM
  • 3 GPM MAX flow rating is 18 GPM
  • 4 GPM MAX flow rating is 25 GPM

Your actual flow may be affected by the volume of your system at the faucet and the length and size of the garden hose used.

What type of threads does this nozzle have?

All threads on this product are 3/4-inch standard Garden Hose Threads (GHT).  Accordingly, the hand-held valve nozzle and the spray nozzles can be directly threaded onto any brand of standard garden hose or watering tool.  Virtually all garden hoses and watering tools used in North America (whether 1/2-inch, 5/8-inch, or 3/4-inch) are equipped with these same 3/4-inch (GHT) threads.

What distance will the showerhead watering nozzle reach?

It's not possible to determine the reach of the spray pattern for your particular application because there are too many unknown factors. If your water supply has low flow, meaning you have low water pressure or volume, then you may need the 1 GPM Minimum screen to produce a spray pattern that doesn't dribble. On the other hand, if your system has plenty of flow, the range of screens allows you to choose a spray pattern that will either reach a further distance (1 GPM screen) or deliver more volume (4 GPM screen).

Is plumber's tape or other sealant needed for the threads?

No, you won’t need Teflon® tape, paste, or any other type of thread sealant for ELEY watering tools. Our O-ring gasket in the female fitting is designed to seal by simply hand-tightening the nozzle onto the end of a garden hose, wand, valve, or spray nozzle.

What is the maximum temperature rating for this nozzle?

The brass watering nozzle is rated up to 165°F (74°C), primarily due to the O-ring gasket in the female threads.