If you own an Eley hose reel, chances are you love how practical and easy to use it is. However, you may find that you'd like to add on to it, whether that means adding wheels onto your cart style reel or increasing its capacity. Whatever your specific needs are, we can accommodate them with our collection of Eley hose reel accessories. Designed to enhance the performance of your watering system, these premium quality Eley hose accessories will complement your hose reel and expand its functionality.

No matter which Eley hose reel you own or plan to purchase, we have great accessory options for each model. For our mounted reels, we offer perfectly sized mount kits for wood and aluminum posts so you can get to installation right away. These brackets are powder-coated to match the hose reel, and the mounting hardware is also included. Want to widen your cart or wagon reel's central drum? Choose the Extra-Capacity Kit, which does just that! These kits increase reel's 5/8" ID hose capacity from 150 ft. to 225 ft., and reel's ¾" ID hose capacity from 100 ft. to 175 ft. However, these kits will not work on reels sold prior to 2009. Maybe you purchased a cart style hose reel, but now wish it had additional wheels. With the Quad-Wheel Kit, you can easily install two extra tires to make your reel even more functional. Our hose accessories collection also includes the ¾" Garden Hose Gooseneck Adapter, which eliminates the need for a kink-free spring and allows users to sharply turn hose direction. If you'd like to keep your hose reel protected from the elements and UV damage, our Garden Hose Reel Covers are available in regular and large sizes. They're made of durable polyester fabric and easily fit over the reels. The interior has a urethane coating to enhance water and mildew resistance, so your reel and hose stay safe and operational while in storage. If your hose reel needs to be greased for the winter or touched up after a couple cosmetic dings, we provide our own grease and Hose Reel Touch-up Paint.

Whatever your hose reel needs to be a more efficient, useful tool, you can find it here. These accessories are all backed by our industry-leading 10-year warranty. If you have questions or concerns about our inventory of hose reel accessories, please contact us by emailing customer service or calling 800-523-4321 for more information.