Quad-Wheel Kit

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This kit converts the ELEY two-wheel cart garden hose reel (Models 1043 and 1043X) into a 4-wheel cart.

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Easy Conversion and Installation

This converts the ELEY 2-wheeled cart garden hose reel into the 4-wheeled model by replacing the 2-wheel model's front footpad bumper with a new bumper equipped with two additional flat-free tires. This kit also includes all necessary hardware, tire spindles, and the only tool needed for installation, a 5mm x 8mm hex-key wrench. NOTE: The kit does not work on Triton, Pro-Line, or other reel models sold before 2009.

Built for Reliable Durability

The ultra-strong 1-1/2 inch aluminum tubing frame is coated with the same durable powder-coat Spartan bronze finish as the hose reel. Two 10-inch foam-filled, flat-free tires match and complement the rear hose reel tires. Solid aluminum tire spindles, along with stainless-steel hardware, complete the components of this kit, which is backed by ELEY's industry-leading 10-year warranty.

Benefits of 4-Wheels

Stability: The two additional tires out front add another 7-1/2" to the width of the front part of the frame, making it slightly more stable than the 2-wheel model.

Mobility: The Quad-Wheel Kit allows you to maneuver the unit with a simple push/pull action, rather than the tip & push/pull action of the 2-wheel cart. However, it's important to note the quad-wheel kit does not have front wheels that swivel. To change direction, the user must slightly lift the front or back wheels to turn the unit.

Balance: There is no balancing involved with the 4-wheel model. The 2-wheel model requires you to balance the unit while pushing or pulling it to the desired location.

Frequently Asked Questions - Quad Wheel Kit

Will this work on other brands of garden hose reels?

No. It will only retrofit onto the ELEY and Rapid-Reel garden hose reel, model 1043, which has been sold from 2009 to the present.

Are replacement parts available?

Yes. All individual parts are available and sold on this website. Each part can be accessed using the Quad Wheel Kit Replacement Parts exploded view.

How much time will be required to make the conversion?

The conversion is actually quite easy and quick. If you're retrofitting the quad-wheel kit onto an already assembled model 1043 two-wheel cart hose reel, the process of removing the footpad bumper and installing the quad-wheel kit will take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes, depending on your technical ability.