Garden Hose Fitting Repair Tool - 5/8 Inch Hose

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Tool Requires ELEY Fittings

This tool is designed to be used ONLY with the patent-pending ELEY full-flow, lead-free brass fittings. You MUST have this tool in order to attach these ELEY fittings to an ELEY polyurethane garden hose or most other brands of 5/8-inch ID garden hose.

Replace Damaged Hose Fittings with a Factory-Quality Repair

Use this innovative tool from ELEY to professionally press a drinking-water-safe, lead-free ELEY brass fitting onto a 5/8-inch garden hose! The only after-market kit that delivers a FACTORY-QUALITY hose fitting repair.

  • Do-it-Yourself Factory-Quality Pressed-on Hose Fittings.
  • Replace Damaged Hose Fittings.
  • Will work on most brands of 5/8-inch ID garden hose.
  • Lead-Free Brass Fittings, 100% Drinking Water Safe.
  • 5/8-Inch FULL Flow Fittings.
  • Will NOT work on collapsable, metal-covered, or washing machine hoses.

Make Custom-Length Garden Hose

You can create a custom-length hose by cutting a standard-length garden hose to the desired length and pressing on the desired ELEY fitting. Standard lengths of ultra-durable ELEY polyurethane garden hose (in feet) are 6-1/2, 12, 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175, and 200 feet. For example, say you want a 17-foot hose.

  • Buy 1) this tool, 2) a male or female fitting, and 3) a standard 25-foot hose.
  • Cut the 25-foot hose (using a box cutter or cutting tool) down to a 17-foot length. View Hose Cutting Details
  • Using this tool, press the new ELEY fitting onto the cut end of the 17-foot hose.

What do you do with the hose left over? We recommend buying another fitting and pressing it on that hose's cut end to create another one. In this example, it would be an 8-foot hose. Or, you could cut it again and make two shorter hoses.

Make Same-Fitting Custom Hoses

Need a hose equipped with two male or two female fittings? No problem. Using this tool and one of our ELEY fittings, simply cut off the fitting you don't want and press on the one you want.

  • Purchase 1) this tool and 2) the male or female fitting you'll need.
  • You can modify an existing hose or purchase a new ELEY standard-length hose.
  • Cut the end off the hose that you don't want.
  • Using this tool, press the new ELEY fitting onto the cut end of the hose.

NOTE: Our hoses should not be used for indoor washing machine hoses.

How it Works - Instructional Video

Watch this video to see how the repair tool works with the ELEY fittings.

  • The first half of the video shows the installation of the ELEY female fitting. (Starts at 00:08)
  • The second half of the video demonstrates the installation of the ELEY male fitting. (Starts at 02:42)

Frequently Asked Questions - Hose Repair Tool

Can I buy the ELEY polyurethane garden hose without fittings on the ends?

No.  We only sell our polyurethane hose in finished, standard-length assemblies, which include one male and one female fitting. 

Does ELEY still make custom-length hoses?

No.  Instead, we now offer this repair tool, our full-flow & lead-free brass fittings, and our standard-length polyurethane garden hose from which you'll be able to make your own custom-length hose.  Because of the labor-intensive processes involved in making custom-length hoses, we charged considerably more per foot than our standard-length hoses.  With this process, you'll end up with two custom-length hoses (should you also choose to press a fitting onto the other cut length) and a garden hose fitting repair tool that can be used to install factory-quality pressed fittings onto almost any brand of garden hose for years to come.  No more cheap after-market fitting repairs from the big box or hardware stores.  

Do the fittings and this tool work in repairing non-ELEY brand hoses?

We have tested our repair tool and fittings on many hose brands, but not all of them.  In addition, many of our customers have used this tool to attach the ELEY fittings to several other brands of 5/8-inch ID hoses with excellent success.  We would not recommend it for any collapsible (or self-retracting) hose, hoses with a metal cover, or hoses with a multi-sided cover.  The tool and fittings are designed for a 5/8-inch ID garden hose ONLY.  

Are the fittings drinking water safe?

Yes. Our fittings are made from lead-free ECO-brass and are 100% drinking water-safe. 

Do you offer this tool and repair fittings in a 3/4-inch ID?

No.  Sorry. 5/8-inch ID hose only. 

I've cut a fitting off a new ELEY hose. Can I reuse this fitting?

Unfortunately, no.  There is no acceptable safe way for the collar and barbed fitting to be disassembled and separated once pressed together. 

Are any other tools needed with this repair tool?

We provide a hex key wrench for use with the repair tool.  You can speed the process up by using a power drill with a 5 mm hex bit.  You'll need to use a cutting tool of your choice for cutting the garden hose, where you'll press on and attach the new ELEY fitting.