Garden Hose Fitting for 5/8-Inch ID Hose, Male

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DIY factory-quality hose fitting repair and replacement. Fits most brands of 5/8-inch ID garden hose. Requires the use of ELEY repair tool.


NO-Leak, NO-Rust, NO-Fail Guarantee!


Delivered in just 1 to 3 Days!


30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

This male fitting can ONLY be installed with the ELEY repair tool

The ELEY male garden hose fitting can ONLY be crimped to a 5/8-inch garden hose with the use of the ELEY Garden Hose Fitting Repair Tool, item #1186. If you don't already own the repair tool, you'll want to follow the first link below and purchase the repair tool as well.

Replace Damaged Male Hose Fittings with Factory-Quality Crimping

Use this innovative tool from ELEY to professionally crimp this drinking-water-safe, lead-free ELEY male brass fitting onto a 5/8-inch garden hose! The only after-market kit that delivers a FACTORY-QUALITY crimping and hose fitting repair.

  • Do-it-Yourself Factory-Quality Crimped Hose Fittings.
  • Replace Damaged Male Hose Fittings.
  • Will work on most brands of 5/8-inch ID garden hoseSee photo of Flexzilla repair.
  • Lead-Free Brass Fittings, 100% Drinking Water Safe.
  • 5/8-Inch FULL Flow Fittings.

Make Custom-Length Garden Hose

You can create a custom-length hose by cutting a standard-length garden hose to the desired length (measuring from the female fitting) and then crimp on this ELEY male fitting. Standard lengths of ultra-durable ELEY polyurethane garden hose (in feet) are 6-1/2, 12, 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175, and 200 feet. For example, say you want a 17-foot hose.

  • Buy 1) the ELEY Repair Tool, 2) this ELEY male fitting, and 3) a standard 25-foot hose.
  • Measuring from the female fitting, cut the 25-foot hose down to a 17-foot length. View Hose Cutting Details
  • Using the ELEY repair tool, crimp the new ELEY male fitting onto the cut end of the 17-foot hose.

Make Custom Hoses with Two Male Fittings

Need a hose equipped with two male fittings? No problem. Simply cut off the female fitting and, using our repair tool crimp this fitting on in its place.

How it Works - Instructional Video

Watch this video to see how the repair tool works with the ELEY male fitting.

Frequently Asked Questions - Male Hose Repair Fitting

Can I buy the ELEY polyurethane garden hose without fittings on the ends?

No.  We only sell our polyurethane hose in finished, standard-length assemblies, which include one male and one female fitting. 

Does ELEY still make custom-length hoses?

No.  Instead, we now offer this repair tool, our full-flow & lead-free brass fittings, and our standard-length polyurethane garden hose from which you'll be able to make your own custom-length hose.  Because of the labor-intensive processes involved in making custom-length hoses, we charged considerably more per foot than our standard-length hoses.  With this process, you'll end up with two custom-length hoses (should you also choose to crimp a fitting onto the other cut length) and a garden hose fitting repair tool that can be used to install factory-quality crimped fittings onto almost any brand of garden hose for years to come.  No more cheap after-market fitting repairs from the big box or hardware stores. 

Do the fittings and the repair tool work in repairing non-ELEY brand hoses?

We have not tested it on other brand hoses.  However, many of our customers have used this tool to attach the ELEY fittings to other brand 5/8-inch ID hoses, and it has been very successful so far.  We would not recommend it for collapsable (or self-retracting) hoses or hoses with a metal cover.  The tool and fittings are designed for a 5/8-inch ID garden hose ONLY

Are the fittings drinking water safe?

Yes. Our fittings are made from lead-free brass and are 100% drinking water safe. 

Do you offer a tool and repair fittings in a 3/4-inch ID?

No.  Sorry. 5/8-inch ID hose only. 

Are any other tools needed with this repair tool?

We provide a hex key wrench for use with the repair tool.  You can speed the process up by using a power drill with a 5 mm hex bit.  You'll need to use a cutting tool of your choice for cutting the garden hose, where you'll press on and attach the new ELEY fitting.