Brass Garden Hose Nozzle

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This comfort grip spray valve is part of the spray nozzle set. On this page, it is sold individually and can be combined with either the ELEY Pro Watering Nozzle, or the ELEY Adjustable Cleaning Nozzle.


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Commercial Duty Construction

The first thing you'll notice about the ELEY spray nozzle set is how HEAVY-DUTY it is. While many traditional spray nozzles can restrict water flow by more than half, the high-grade ECO-brass plumbing and a full-flow, chrome-plated brass ball valve deliver every possible ounce of water directly to the spray nozzle tip. While rotating heads may be popular on many spray nozzles sold today, they simply can't hold up to the demanding 10-year no-leak, no-fail guarantee that backs every ELEY product. Although ELEY nozzles may take just a couple of seconds more to change out, the durable brass threads will easily provide over 10 years of leak-free performance. All ELEY watering tools are 100% drinking water safe.

User-Friendly Features

ELEY's cutting-edge features were designed to make watering tasks easier and more enjoyable. The oversized stay-put flow control lever can be adjusted with just one finger (or thumb) and stays exactly where you set it, from full flow down to just a trickle. The full-palm-grip molding is made from extra-thick material and is ergonomically contoured to eliminate discomfort from cold water and hand cramping. The revolutionary swivel fitting spins freely under pressure, allowing the spray nozzle to rotate in any direction, independent of the rigid force of the hose, keeping the hose from twisting, loosening, or leaking while in use.

Frequently Asked Questions - Spray Nozzle Valve

These FAQs are specific to the Comfort-Grip Spray Valve. For general FAQs (specifications, ratings, etc.) about all ELEY watering tools, visit our Watering Tools FAQs.

Does this item come with any nozzle?

No.  This item is the comfort-grip spray nozzle itself.  The watering and cleaning nozzles that attach to it are sold separately.  Equipped with standard garden hose threads (GHT), this spray gun will accommodate our Pro Watering Nozzle, or our Adjustable Cleaning Nozzle, or any other brand nozzle. 

Is this item drinking water safe?

Water flowing through your ELEY reels, hoses, and watering tools stays pure because we use only 100% drinking water-safe internal component materials. From the lead-free brass and rubber seals, down to the assembly lube—it’s all safe. 

Does this product contain any natural rubber or latex in its construction?

No, there is no natural rubber in our products. The rubber grip material is thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV).  Santoprene - Wikipedia. All other elastomers are NSF-approved EPDM.

What is the inside diameter (ID) of the valve?

When fully open, the interior ball valve creates an opening 0.55 inches in diameter (14mm) or just over 1/2" inside diameter (ID).