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My ELEY product has failed.  Is it still under warranty?
  1. Is your product over 10-years old?
  2. Is the failure due to damage caused by UV rays, freezing, accidents, pets, misuse or other exemptions?  Read Warranty Exemptions.

    If the answer to both questions is "NO", then your hose reel is likely still under our 10-Year Warranty. Please take a photo or short video of the failed part of the hose and upload it using our online Warranty Claim Form, and someone from our customer support team will promptly reply to your request.

    If the answer to either question is "YES", then it is not covered by our warranty.

    I am getting a kink where the hose passes through the opening in the front flange.

    Attaching garden hose to an eley hose reel This is rare, but can occur due to the natural arc in the polyurethane hose.  The fix is quick and easy.  Watch the following video demonstration on how to properly attach an ELEY polyurethane garden hose to an ELEY garden hose reel. 

    Discoloration or fading of hose.

    Polyurethane is highly durable, resisting abrasion, cuts, punctures, and mold while staying lightweight, flexible, and kink-resistant. We add UV blockers to prevent degradation; however, when exposed to the sun's UV rays, it does tend to fade. Over time, the colors will blend into a uniform shade.

    Since extended periods of exposure to the sun's UV rays is often unavoidable, discoloration and fading are exempted from our warranty coverage, which states,

    "Discoloration or fading of the exterior cover is a natural occurrence due to long-term exposure to the sun's UV rays and is specifically excluded from this warranty."

    The female fitting on my hose is leaking

    The first thing to do is to replace the garden hose gasket (or O-ring) to see if that doesn't stop the leak. If your fitting has a flat washer gasket, we recommend replacing it with our Item #1113 O-ring Gasket which provides a much better seal.

    If the #1113 O-ring gasket still doesn't stop the leak, then please Contact Us.

    Does ELEY make retrofit repair fittings for the hose ends?
    Yes, we do, for 5/8-inch garden hoses only.  Our proprietary designed repair tool and fittings will provide you with a factory-grade crimping.  You can buy the repair tool once and then have it for repairing many brands of 5/8-inch garden hose with premium quality, drinking-water-safe, lead-free brass fittings. Follow this link for more information and get started. 

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