My ELEY product has failed.  Is it still under warranty?
  1. Is your product over 10-years old?
  2. Is the failure due to damage caused by UV rays, freezing, accidents, pets, misuse or other exemptions?  Read Warranty Exemptions.
      If the answer to both questions is "NO", then your hose reel is likely still under our 10-Year Warranty. Please take a photo or short video of the failed part and upload it using the form below. 
      If the answer to either question is "YES", then it is not covered by our warranty.  For hose reels, please visit our Hose Reel Replacement Parts to see if a replacement part is available for your model. 

      NOTE: For hose reels, our warranty covers the replacement of the defective component, not the entire unit.
      Discoloration or fading of the exterior cover of our polyurethane hose or the powder coat paint of our reels, is a natural occurrence due to long-term exposure to the sun's UV rays and is specifically excluded from our warranty.

      Paint Topics
      Many factors can contribute to the deterioration of our reel's premium quality power coat paint, and a number of them are external in nature and not due to the painting process itself.  For this reason, our paint is covered by a 1-year warranty instead of the 10-year warranty that covers the rest of the hose reel.  Visit our Remedies for Paint Issues to explore all options related to paint issues.

      IMPORTANT: Uploading at least one photo of the problem (using the button at the bottom) is REQUIRED.  This allows us to: a) verify that the product is indeed our brand, and b) more quickly and effectively identify the problem component and reason for the failure. You also have the option of uploading a video if it better details the problem.

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