ELEY and Rapid-Reel Warranty Claim Form | ELEY Hose Reels
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    Broken Swivel?

    If you're reaching out to us because your swivel has failed or looks similar to this image, please start by visiting THIS PAGE.

    Common Questions

    Is my ELEY product still under warranty? (Click to expand)

    1. Is your ELEY product over 10-years old?
    2. Is the failed component due to damage caused by freezing, accidents or misuse?

    If the answer to both questions is "NO", then your ELEY product is likely still under our 10-Year Warranty. Please take a photo or short video of the failed component and upload it using the form below, and someone from our customer support team will promptly reply to your request.

    If the answer to either question is "YES", then it is not covered by our warranty. Visit our Existing Customer Help Desk to find out about pricing and availability of replacement parts.

    How soon will I get my replacement part?

    Replacement parts are stocked in our Salt Lake City, UT warehouse. Most orders ship the same day they are placed and should arrive within 1 to 5 days.
    View UPS Transit Map.

    Use this form below to submit a warranty claim for your ELEY or Rapid-Reel product. For hose reels, our warranty covers the replacement of the defective component, not the entire unit.

    IMPORTANT: Uploading at least one photo of the problem (using the button at the bottom) is REQUIRED.  This allows us to: a) verify that the product is indeed our brand, and b) more quickly and effectively identify the problem component and reason for the failure. You also have the option of uploading a video if it better details the problem.

    Fields with an asterisk* are required.