The Paint

All the aluminum components on ELEY hose reels are coated with a smooth and durable powder coat finish.  Coated with a high-grade paint powder that is melted on at 400°F, the resulting hard, smooth and durable surface is design to protect the aluminum components and keep your hose reel looking great. Special additives are designed to help prevent cracking and peeling. 

Coastal Salt Air Environments

Studies show that for most coastal regions, salt air can effect metals up to 50 miles inland from the shore. However, due to geography and wind patterns, not all coastal areas experience the same level of impact.  Florida, for example, with its windy climate can see salt air penetration even up to 100 miles inland.  ELEY recommends that our powder-coated products located in coastal regions be systematically fresh water rinsed, so as to minimize the effects of the salt air on the painted surface. 

1-Year Warranty

There are many factors that could contribute to causing our premium quality power coat paint to start peeling or bubbling. Many of them are external in nature and not due to the painting process itself. For this reason, our paint is covered by a 1-year warranty instead of the 10-year warranty that covers the rest of the hose reel. Our warranty policy states that ELEY

"...guarantees its powder coat paint will not bubble, crack or peel under normal use and service, for a period of 1 year (12 months). Fading of the paint is a natural occurrence due to the sun's UV rays and is specifically excluded from this warranty."  View full Warranty Policy.

Out of Warranty?

If the affected area is out of warranty and small enough, our fingernail polish-sized bottle of ELEY Touch-Up Paint might be a quick remedy.  However, if the size of flaking or peeling is too large for touching up, then you might consider repainting all of the aluminum components in any color of your choosing.  Bob Vila provides a good article regarding this called How To Paint Aluminum.  If you'd like to stay with our Spartan bronze color, you can purchase a 12 oz can of spray paint from LVP Paints.  Be sure to select item PFJ507A5 Spartan Bronze from the drop-down menu on their product page.
  1. It is recommended that you do not remove the white axle bushing if you're repainting one or both of the reel flanges. You can cover the bushings with painter's tape.
  2. Please be sure the parts are clean and dry.  Sanding the surface first will help.  Cleaning with dry compressed air should help.  Blow compressed air on a clean white piece of paper first to make sure no moisture or oil is in the air.
Otherwise, new aluminum components, powder-coated in our Spartan bronze finish, can be purchased at Garden Hose Reel Replacement Parts.

Under Warranty?

If you believe our warranty covers the paint problem, please take a photo of the affected area and send it to us using our Warranty Claim Form, and we will respond promptly.

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