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    Click on the model number or serial number link below that matches your particular model to view an exploded view and ordering information.  

    Hose Reels Sold From 2009 - Present

    This image shows the location of the serial number tag on garden hose reels sold since 2009.

    Parts for Optional Kits

    Image titleExtra-Capacity Kit
    Image titleQuad-Wheel Kit

    Hose Reels Sold From 2006 to 2009 (TRITON models)

    Image title

    Parallel Wall Hose Reel

    Image title

    Perpendicular Wall Hose Reel

    Image title

    2-Wheel Cart Hose Reel

    Image title

    4-Wheel Wagon Hose Reel


    Miscellaneous Parts

    Image titleQuick-Connect O-Ring


    Can't find your hose reel model?  Contact Us.

    As you use your hose reel year after year, you may find that one of your main parts or hardware has become corroded with age or damaged after an accident. While Eley hose reels are built to be the most durable and long-lasting options on the market, they aren't indestructible! We understand that parts must be replaced, which is why we provide a dedicated inventory of hose reel parts so owners can make replacements without needing to purchase entirely new reels. We offer parts for models manufactured in 2006 to the present. Click on the model number or serial number link below that matches your particular model to view an expanded view and ordering information.

    We carry parts from all of our hose reels models to allow owners to make replacements as needed to continue use of their reels. From our most recent cart, wall mount, and free-standing reels, to the TRITON models produced from 2006 to 2009, you can find the exact parts your model needs to operate right here. Larger parts like tires, handles, flan drums, base assemblies, leaders, plates, and more are included in this selection. These are some of the many parts that are exposed to the elements, UV rays, and other potential threats that can seriously damage your hose reel. Say a tree falls during a storm, conveniently onto your hose reel in the backyard. Once you inspect the damage, only a few parts are beyond repair. This is where our hose reel parts inventory comes in. You can get the replacements to repair your reel yourself without needing to purchase a brand new one. We even offer parts for our Optional Kits, including the Extra-Capacity Kit and Quad-Wheel Kit, as well as an assortment of miscellaneous parts like the Quick-Connect O-Ring. Not sure how to install one or more of these hose reel parts? Reach out to us and we'll help you get your reel back to working order again.

    If you can't find your hose reel model here or have other questions about our hose reel parts inventory, please contact us by emailing customer service or calling 800-523-4321 for more information.