My ELEY product has failed.  Is it still under warranty?
  1. Is your product over 10-years old?
  2. Is the failure due to damage caused by UV rays, freezing, accidents, pets, misuse or other exemptions?  Read Warranty Exemptions.

If the answer to both questions is "NO", then your item is likely still under our 10-Year Warranty. Please take a photo or short video of the failed part and upload it using our online Warranty Claim Form, and someone from our customer support team will promptly reply to your request.

If the answer to either question is "YES", then it is not covered by our warranty.

The ON/OFF lever is too difficult to move or won't shut the water off when closed.

If the item is less than 10 years old, please take a picture of the failure and send it to use using our Warranty Claim Form.  If it is over 10 years old it is now out of warranty.

I'm struggling to get the hose cover on the reel.

Eley hose reel cover installation video demonstrationPlease watch this short video.  The process is the same for both sizes of covers.

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The hose reel cover is fading or discoloring.

Discoloration is typically caused by exposure to the sun's UV rays.  The only reliable method of preventing this from occurring is to keep the UV rays off of the product either by keeping the item indoors or under some type of covering.  Unfortunately, this is not a condition covered by our Warranty Policy which states,

"The fading or discoloration of products from the sun's UV rays are specifically excluded from this warranty.

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The zero-degree pattern on my cleaning nozzle doesn't seem to be as laser-focused as before.

The elastomer that gets adjusted to make the various patterns may have gotten mis-shaped due to heat or stored in particular pattern for a long period of time.  If the cleaning nozzle is stored in the heat of the day in one of the fan pattern positions, the elastomer may take a set and not return to its original shape (round) very quickly.  The black adjustable tip can be rotated 90 degrees and that will force the mishappen elastomer back into shape.  It is always best to store the adjustable cleaning nozzle in the full forward position (round stream) to keep the elastomer in its natural shape.

Is the ON/OFF U-shaped lever replaceable if it happens to break? 

If the item is less than 10 years old and you believe the failure was not due to being used in excess of normal use and service, or in excess of its rated capacities and design functions, or under abnormal conditions, then please take a picture of the failure and send it to use using our Warranty Claim Form

If it is over 10 years old it is now out of warranty and a replacement lever can be purchased from this website following this link: Ball Valve Lever (Item 2961)

Watch Replacement HOW-TO Video

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