We're On It
We're sorry to hear that your product showed up in less than perfect condition and we're committed to getting the situation corrected as quickly as possible.  Please fill out and submit the form below and a Customer Support Specialist will reply promptly during regular business hours, Monday - Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM Central. 

If possible, include the part number(s):  If the affected product is a hose reel, it will be helpful and speed the process, if you could identify the missing or damaged component, (or components) by the part number(s).  A breakdown of all part numbers can be found on the first page of the Assembly & Installation Manual.  You can also locate a breakdown of the part numbers on our online Hose Reel Replacement Parts Exploded Views.

Damaged Parts?
For damaged parts, taking a photo or short video of the problem and uploading it to this form will help expedite the process and shipment of the correct replacement part or components. 

Missing Parts?
It can happen, but it's rare.  We have very few missing parts because we use cameras during the packaging process to ensure every component gets packed. The only reason we ask you to look one more time before submitting this form is that sometimes smaller parts can get dislodged during shipping and end up hiding in the packing trays, box flaps or fall onto the floor during the unpacking.  If you still can't find it, use the form below, and we'll promptly get you the missing component. 

If the item is a screw and you'd prefer not to wait for a new screw to be sent from us, you can likely find a replacement stainless steel screw at a local hardware store or home center so you could complete the assembly more quickly.  The specifications for all our screws can be found either in our online owner's manuals or exploded views.  NOTE that screws obtained from a local retailer do NOT have to be hex-head or socket-head screws.  Any screw with the proper length and thread-count specifications will work.