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    Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel

    This One Hose Reel Model Offers Two Directional Mounting Options

    IMPORTANT. The configuration drop-down menu option above simply shows the difference in appearance between the parallel and perpendicular assemblies. Regardless of which configuration you order, you'll receive the SAME model, and the innovative ELEY-original design allows you to assemble the reel into EITHER configuration. View Illustration

    • View both configurations on a stud-wall installation.
    • View both configurations on a masonry-wall installation.

    Model Overview Video

    Watch this short 85 second video, which will give you a brief overview of our wall-mount hose reels. Discover the unique features, versatility and applications for which these work-horse models are best suited.

    Extreme-Duty, No-Break Construction

    Rugged, rustproof metal construction, along with high-grade stainless steel hardware, delivers years of commercial-duty durability and reliable performance. An easy-mount wall plate, comes with all necessary stainless-steel mounting hardware. Coated with a high-grade, Spartan-bronze powder coat finish, Eley garden hose reels are backed by our industry-leading 10-Year No-Break and No-Rust warranty!

    Drinking-Safe, No-Leak Plumbing

    Forget about leaks. The entire plumbing on all Eley garden hose reels consists of just two ultra-durable and drinking-water-safe components; our brass swivel (or rotary union) and our 6-1/2 foot polyurethane inlet hose, (also referred to as a jumper hose). Eley garden hose reels are backed by our industry-leading 10-Year No-Leak guarantee!

    Practical, Easy-To-Use Functionality

    The product development team at Eley Corporation aren't just designers...they're pioneers. Their cutting-edge features were specifically designed in to make your watering tasks easier and frustration-free. For example, the ability to configure and mount this hose reel for either parallel or perpendicular use, and for either left or right-hand rewinding, provides you with unmatched versatility. In addition, our revolutionary cam-lever brake, along with a comfort-grip crank handle, an innovative hose strap, and smooth-spin axle bushings, all combine to take the 'work' out of your watering and cleaning activities. And for those that need it, an Extra-Capacity Kit will increase the hose capacity of your hose reel.

    Specs & Dimensions

    5/8" Capacity* 125 feet 38 meters
    5/8" Capacity (with Extra-Capacity Kit)* 200 feet 61 meters
    3/4" Capacity* 100 feet 30 meters
    3/4" Capacity (with Extra-Capacity Kit)* 170 feet 52 meters
    Maximum Temperature 140°F 60°C
    Maximum Pressure 150 PSI 10 bar
    Shipping Weight 20 lbs. 9 kg
    Shipping Box Dimensions 20" x 19.25" x 8.5" 51cm x 49cm x 21.6cm
    Extra-Capacity Kit Weight 2 lbs. 1 kg

     * Please note, hose capacities may vary depending on hose brand & style.

    Click on the thumbnail image below to enlarge the dimensional view.

    Standard Capacity, Parallel

    Standard Capacity, Perpendicular

    Extra-Capacity Kit, Parallel

    Extra-Capacity Kit, Perpendicular

    Common Questions - Wall Mounted Garden Hose Reel

    To what types of walls and surfaces can this reel be mounted? 

    Whether you want to install this wall mount garden hose reel to a masonry surface such as brick, cement, or cinder block or a wood frame surface such as siding, stucco, or Hardie Plank®, you'll find the answer to all of your questions in our How to Mount a Garden Hose Reel to a House article. 

    Can this reel be mounted to a flatbed trailer or vehicle? 

    No.  ELEY garden hose reels are not designed to be mounted to a trailer, pickup bed, or any other type of over-the-road vehicle.  Doing so will void the warranty and could cause structural failure that could lead to damage, serious injury, or worse. 

    What's the difference between Parallel and Perpendicular?

    eley parallel vs perpendicular arm attachment The ELEY wall-mount garden hose reel can be configured for EITHER parallel OR perpendicular.  Assembled into the parallel configuration, the garden hose will pull off the reel alongside the wall, whereas the perpendicular configuration will pull the hose out straight away from the wall.  You decide which configuration will work best for your application during assembly.  The configuration you end up with depends on which of the two positions the reel's arm can be attached to the wall plate you choose.  Click on the image to enlarge.

    Does this reel pivot or rotate in different directions?

    No.  This model can be configured and mounted in a fixed parallel or perpendicular direction.  The reel can also be reconfigured in either direction at any time by changing the orientation of the arm's attachment to the wall plate.  However, the mounting direction is fixed and does not offer a rotating or pivoting action. 

    Once mounted, can the orientation of the hose reel be changed from parallel to perpendicular or vice versa?  

    eley parallel vs perpendicular arm attachment Yes, this can be accomplished by changing the orientation of how the arm & axle assembly is attached to the wall plate.  To do so, the wall plate will need to be removed from the wall since the two bolts that attach the arm to it are accessed from the backside of the wall plate.  For masonry surfaces that use anchor sleeves, you'll need to re-insert the bolts into the holes slowly and gently to get the threads restarted into the cone-shaped nut inside the anchor sleeve so as not to dislodge it or get the threads out of alignment.  We've done this many times during photo shoots.  We first take photos of the reel in the parallel position, remove the wall plate, reattach the arm, and remount the hose reel onto the brick wall to get pictures of the perpendicular configuration.  Click on the image to enlarge. 

    What are the dimensions of the wall plate and mounting holes?

    eley model 1041 wall plate and mounting holes dimensions

    I have a question regarding the mounting and installation of this model.

    Follow this link for more assembly and installation FAQs, downloadable PDF instruction manuals, and step-by-step assembly demonstration videos.  Assembly Instructions - Wall Mount Hose Reels

    Is assembly required?

    Yes, however, don't let that scare you away.  Quick and easy assembly was one of our R&D team's primary objectives when designing the durable ELEY hose reels.  We provide an excellent assembly manual with the hose reel and full step-by-step video demonstrations of the assembly and installation on this website.  Please visit our Assembly Instructions - Wall Mount Hose Reel page if you'd like to preview the manual and video.

    Can the reel be removed from the wall for the winter without removing the wall plate?

    Yes,  The wall-mounted hose reel can be removed from the axle/wall plate without removing the mounting bracket.  Please see the steps below.

    1. Disconnect your hose from the brass swivel.  (You will leave your hose on the reel for storage.)
    2. Unthread the brass swivel from the axle of the reel by loosening the silver retaining nut from the axle by turning it counterclockwise.
    3. Pull the swivel and about 6" of hose out the front side of the reel
    4. Unthread the brass swivel from the inlet hose.
    5. Slide the cam-lever brake off the axle.
    6. Slide the hose reel off the axle and take it to your designated space for winter storage along with the swivel, brake, and inlet hose assembly.
    I don't see my question on this list.

    Please visit our Help Desk for more information.

    Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 10593 reviews.