eley brothers1990 - The Beginning
Founded in 1990, Nebraska-born and family-owned ELEY Corporation was formed with a mission to design, produce and sell the most durable and reliable hose reels on the market.

1996 - Fast Out of The Gate
Our first few years of making industrial pressure washer hose reels saw double-digit growth, and in 1996 we moved our manufacturing operations from our hometown of Orchard, Nebraska, to a new 50,000 Sq. Ft. facility in the capital city of Lincoln. We also expanded our product line to include air hose reels, which we sold through many national retailers. 

2001 - An Ominous Sign
China being allowed to join the World Trade Organization in late 2001 marked the beginning of the mass exodus of manufacturing from the United States.  Over the next few years, after taking a firm Made-in-America stand since our founding, we watched our multi-million dollar air hose reel segment disappear as most of our retail and wholesale partners chose lower-priced China-made knock-offs.  We were forced to shut down the air hose reel manufacturing operations. 

2006 - A Tough Decision

At about the same time, in the early 2000's, we had just launched our new line of metal garden hose reels, which were being very well received in the marketplace. The choice before us was not an easy one; 1) keep making them in Nebraska and see them go the same way as the air hose reels, or 2) move our manufacturing operations to more affordable off-shore fabrication. The choice boiled down to this...make the move or find something else to do for a living.  The single most difficult decision we've ever had to make was to move some of our fabrication operations to China.  


2009 - New Opportunities in Design

Sadly, too many people equate China-made products to junk. That might be true if you're buying China-designed products off their shelves, however, not so with ELEY-designed products. Suddenly having every type of manufacturing equipment and process now available to them through contract manufacturing, the ELEY Product Development Team was freed up to design products that would best serve the needs of our customers instead of designing them around the equipment we already owned.


Quality Better Than Ever
Ensuring that all products are fabricated to our strict quality standards, today's ELEY products are the highest quality and best performing that we have ever produced. All ELEY products are backed with our industry-leading 10-YEAR No-Leak, No-Break, No-Rust Guarantee

World-Class Customer Support
Staffed by home-grown support specialists, when you reach out to the ELEY Customer Support team, you're going to experience Midwestern hospitality at its best. You can read testimonies about our support on our Customer Reviews on ELEY Support page. ELEY products are also backed with a full array of replacement parts from our Salt Lake City, UT warehouse. 

2023 - Current ELEY Operations
Recognizing that today's competitive marketplace is a global one, ELEY Corporation has developed a business model that combines both domestic and overseas operations which enable us to:
        1. Create our cutting-edge, trend-setting designs
        2. Manufacture the highest quality products in our category
        3. Sell these premium products at fair and reasonable prices
        4. Back them with unparalleled warranties and customer support
    Following is a breakdown of our current organizational operations and locations:
        Product Design (100% in-house)
        • United States (Nebraska & Nevada)
          Fabrication & Packaging
          • United States - Garden Hose (Reno, NV)
          • China - Hose Reels & Watering Tools
            Warehousing & Shipping
            • United States (Nevada, Utah & Tennessee)
              Marketing Operations
              • United States (Texas & Nevada)
                • United States.  Includes a variety of USA based ocean, rail, truck, and parcel courier services.
                  Customer Service (100% in-house)
                  • United States (Nebraska, Texas & Nevada)

                    As you can see, even though hose reel and watering tool fabrication takes place overseas, your purchase of ELEY products supports both American families and the American economy across a wide range of industries.

                    For those that seek to buy only 100% USA-made products (whether it be hose reels, TVs, cell phones, toys, autos, computers, shoes, kitchen appliances, clothing, etc.), we understand if you don't choose ELEY.  However, for those who want to own the highest-quality, most durable & reliable outdoor watering products on the market, backed by the best warranty and most friendly, midwestern support team, then ELEY is for you.