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    A complete customer service resource for all ELEY and Rapid-Reel garden hose reels (sold from May 2009 to present) that have been in use for a while. Here you'll find a thorough, interactive, and easy-to-use guide for troubleshooting, replacement parts, warranty claims, and model conversions.

    Need Parts? 

    Visit our Garden Hose Reel Replacement Parts page. 

    Assembly & Installation

    I need assistance with my hose reel assembly

    Having issues with your hose reel assembly? Was your assembly done correctly? See our Hose Reel Assembly and Installation page for complete step-by-step assembly demonstration videos, PDF manuals, and troubleshooting tips and videos.

    Troubleshooting Topics

    I can't find the source of a leak on my hose reel

    Finding the Source of a Hose Reel Leak videoIf your ELEY or Rapid Reel garden hose reel has developed a leak, please watch this short video to help you determine the exact source of the leak. The entire plumbing of all ELEY and Rapid Reel garden hose reels consist of just two components and this video will help you quickly determine which is the source of the leak. After watching this video, most leaks can be remedied without the need for replacement parts. However, if your leak is due to a failed component, you can either:

    1) Order the appropriate Replacement Part from this website. (Out of warranty)

    2) Request a replacement component with our online Warranty Claim Form. (Still under Warranty)

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    My reel tips over too easy

    Cam-lever brake adjustment videoUsually this is caused by the cam-lever brake being set too tight. Please watch this video on how to properly adjust and use the cam-lever brake.

    Still tips over too easy? Contact Us

    The rubber grips keep sliding off the push-pull handles on my cart/wagon hose reel?

    Spray some hairspray on both the aluminum handle and inside of the grip before sliding it back onto the aluminum handle. Wait 24 hours and it shouldn’t happen again. This is how they deal with this issue with Motocross and BMX bikes.

    A foot pad has come off the front bumper of my cart.

    If you still have the foot pad with the screw and nut intact, the process of reattaching it to the front bumper is easy and can be done in less than one minute. We have a short how-to video demonstrating the procedure. The foot pads are also available for purchase to replace lost ones. Both the installation video and purchase options are available by following this link: Item #2588 cart front foot pad.

    The hose reel is making a squealing or squeaking sound when it spins

    This usually comes from one of two sources: 1) the crank handle, or 2) the reel's main axle. In both cases it is likely that some small foreign object has gotten between the poly material and the metal axle it spins on. The poly black crank handle spins on a solid aluminum pin. The white poly axle bushings spin on the hollow main aluminum axle of the hose reel. The remedy is the same for both; clean the surfaces of the aluminum axle and the poly material with a dry clean cloth.

    If the noise is coming from the reel's main axle:

    1. Loosen the lock-nut on the gooseneck swivel and remove the swivel from the axle.
    2. You can leave the rolled up hose on the reel.
    3. Slide the hose reel flange & drum assembly off the axle.
    4. Wipe the surface of the aluminum axle and the white axle bushings with a clean dry cloth.
    5. Reassemble the hose reel.

    If the noise is coming from the crank handle:

    1. Slightly loosen the screw that holds the crank handle to the reel's front flange. Do NOT completely remove. Leave a few threads in the handle center post.
    2. With a hammer, tap on this screw to dislodge the crank handle center post from the flange hole it's wedged into.
    3. Once the post becomes dislodged, remove the screw completely and slide the poly teardrop handle off the center post.
    4. Clean both surfaces with a dry clean cloth and reinstall back onto the reel.

    Lubricant Needed?

    We often get asked if a lubricant can be applied to these surfaces to prevent this from reoccurring. ELEY does not recommend any form of lubricant as these components should spin together without making any noise. However, for those that insist on using something, we would suggest a dry lubricant, such as a graphite lube. Do NOT use any petroleum-based or spray-on lubricant.

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    Your Issue Not Listed Above? Contact Us

    If you're having an issue with one of our hose reels and you can't find a solution with either a replacement part or in this this troubleshooting list, please take a photo or short video of the issue with your smartphone then upload and send it to us using Help with Troubleshooting Form, and one of our customer support specialists will respond promptly.

    Conversions and Upgrades

    Can I return unused components for credit?

    Hose reel components that are not used in your particular application, (i.e. inlet hose, cart bumper, etc.), cannot be returned for credit or exchanges.

    I Need a Different Length (or Size) of Inlet Hose

    All ELEY and Rapid-Reel garden hose reels came prepackaged with a 6-1/2 foot x 5/8-inch garden hose. For other inlet hose options, please see our article: Inlet Hoses - Everything You Need To Know.

    Can I convert my hose reel to a different model?

    Yes you can. However, depending on what type of conversion you're wanting to make, it may not make sense for the money spent.

    Wall-Mount to Free-Standing and vice versa. This is the easiest and least expensive conversion to make. The only difference between these two models is the wall-plate and the base-plate. So if you want to convert your Model 1041 wall-mount hose reel into a Model 1042 free-standing hose reel, then purchase the #2903 Base Plate. If you want to convert a Model 1042 into a Model 1041, purchase the #2558 Wall Plate.

    Wall or Free-Standing to a Portable Wheeled Hose Reel. Although you could purchase the 20+ components required to convert a Model 1041 wall-mount or a Model 1042 free-standing reel into a 2-wheel or 4-wheel portable hose reel, the total cost of all those components will be more than the price of a brand new Model 1043 Two-Wheel Cart Hose Reel or a Model 1043Q Four-Wheel Wagon Hose Reel.

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    Can I upgrade my older hose reel with new and improved component designs?

    Goose-neck Swivel: In May 2017 ELEY introduced a new brass swivel design that incorporated a goose-neck design. This redesign eliminated the need for the stainless-steel "kink-free" spring that could cause some flow restriction. You can purchase our new swivel, Item #4255 to upgrade your hose reel. This upgrade is not covered by our warranty as it is an upgrade, not a defect.

    Hose Strap - If the front flange on your hose reel has a square hole as shown in this photo, then your reel can accommodate our most recent hose strap design. You can purchase our #4114 Hose Strap Assembly on this website and retrofit it onto your hose reel.

    Your issue not in the above list? Contact us.