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    A complete customer service resource for all ELEY and Rapid-Reel garden hose reels (sold from May 2009 to present) that have been in use for a while.  Here you'll find a thorough, interactive, and easy-to-use guide for troubleshooting, replacement parts, warranty claims, and model conversions.  Start by scrolling through the list of topics below.   If you purchased your hose reel in recent days, please refer to Your Recent Order help desk.

    Component Failures

    Purchase Replacement Parts

    Replacement parts are stocked in our Reno, NV warehouse.  Most orders ship the same day they are placed and should arrive within 1 to 5 days.  View FedEx Transit Map.  To purchase replacement parts visit Garden Hose Reel Replacement Parts.   Please note:  All parts orders ship FedEx and will incur a minimum shipping charge of no less than $7.68 for any order less than $75. 

    Hose Reel is Leaking

    Finding the Source of a Hose Reel Leak videoIf your ELEY or Rapid Reel garden hose reel has developed a leak, please watch this short video to help you determine the exact source of the leak. The entire plumbing of all Eley and Rapid Reel garden hose reels consist of just two components and this video will help you quickly determine which is the source of the leak. After watching this video, most leaks can be remedied without the need for replacement parts. However, if your leak is due to a failed component, you can either:

    1) Order the appropriate Replacement Part from this website. (Out of warranty)

    2) Request a replacement component with our online Warranty Claim Form. (Still under Warranty)

    Paint Fading or Peeling

    The power-coat paint on our garden hose reels is guaranteed not to bubble, crack, or peel under normal use and service for 1 year (12 months).  The warranty specifically does not cover fading due to the sun's UV rays.

    If you believe the paint problem on your product is covered by our warranty, please take a photo of the effected area and upload it using our Warranty Claim Form.  If it is not covered by our warranty, new parts and components can be purchased at Garden Hose Reel Replacement Parts.

    A Part or Component Broke

    A broken component has two possible remedies, either it's covered by our 10-Year Warranty, or it's not.  Our warranty guarantees our products "to be free from defect, malfunction or failure in material, or workmanship, under normal use and service."  However, it also "specifically excludes failure or damage due to freezing, accidents, UV rays, misuse or misapplication."  If you believe the failed part is covered, please request a replacement part by submitting our Warranty Claim Form.  If it is not covered, a new part can be purchased by visiting our Garden Hose Reel Replacement Parts.

    Troubleshooting Topics

    Replacing Crank Handles

    Handle has come apart - If the failure is covered under our warranty, please take a picture of pieces and send to us using our Warranty Claim Form.  If not under warranty, you can purchase the #2589 triangular-base crank handle, or the #2654 single-post crank handle.

    Can't get the three screws out of my old handle.

    How to remove a single screw crank handle.

    Hose Reel Squeaks While Spinning

    Text goes here.

    Nuts, screws and hardware

    Text goes here.

    Reel tips over too easy

    A foot pad has come off the front bumper of my cart. 

    Watch this video. 

    The screw keeps unscrewing from the axle of the tire.

    Text goes here. 

    Conversions and Upgrades

    I Need a Different Length (or Size) of Inlet Hose

    Text goes here.

    Can I convert my hose reel to a different model?

    Yes you can.  However, depending on what type of conversion you're wanting to make, it may not make sense for the money spent. 

    Wall-Mount to Free-Standing and vice versa.  This is the easiest and least expensive conversion to make.  The only difference between these two models is the wall-plate and the base-plate.  So if you want to convert your Model 1041 wall-mount hose reel into a Model 1042 free-standing hose reel, then purchase the #2903 Base Plate.   If you want to convert a Model 1042 into a Model 1041, purchase the #2558 Wall Plate.

    Wall or Free-Standing to a Portable Wheeled Hose Reel.  Although you could purchase the 30+ components required to convert a Model 1041 wall-mount or a Model 1042 free-standing reel into a 2-wheel or 4-wheel portable hose reel, the total cost of all those components will be more than the price of a brand new Model 1043 Two-Wheel Cart Hose Reel or a Model 1043Q Four-Wheel Wagon Hose Reel.

    Can I upgrade my older hose reel with new and improved component designs?

    GN swivel

    Hose Strap

    Crank Handle

    Inlet Hose

    Your issue not in the above list?  Contact us.