Finding The Source of The Leak

The entire plumbing of an ELEY and Rapid-Reel garden hose reel consists of just two components;

  1. Inlet hose.
  2. Brass swivel. 

If you're hose reel is leaking, there are only three possible sources for the leak:

  1. The inlet hose has failed.
  2. The brass swivel has failed.
  3. The connection between the inlet hose and the swivel has loosened. 

The short video below demonstrates how to examine each component to locate the source of the leak.  If the source of the leak is #3 - a loose connection between the inlet hose and the swivel, simply re-tighten to stop the leak.

The Inlet Hose Has Failed

If your hose reel is less than 10 years old, and the failure of the inlet hose is not "due to freezing, accidents, misuse or misapplication," then please take a photo or short video of the failed portion of the hose and send it to us using our Warranty Claim Form, and we will respond promptly.

If the inlet hose is not covered under our warranty, then visit our 5/8-Inch Garden Hose page to purchase a replacement inlet hose. There you'll be able to purchase the same 6-1/2 foot inlet hose, or a longer 12-foot inlet hose.  If you desire to replace it with a shorter or longer 5/8-inch inlet hose, then visit our Garden Hose Repair Tool product page.  This tool will allow you to modify a standard 5/8-inch garden hose to the precise length you want. 

The Swivel Has Failed

The good news is that a replacement swivel is available, and the repair is quick and easy. However, we first need to determine whether the failure is covered by our 10-warranty. There are two factors, each of which would exclude warranty coverage:

  1. If the product is more than 10 years old.
  2. If the failure was due to freeze damage, misuse, abuse or misapplication. 

No, It's Not Under Warranty

If you know that your reel is over 10 years old OR that the failure was due to freeze damage or misuse, then you'll need to purchase the replacement swivel.  Visit our Replacement Parts page to find the right swivel for your hose reel. 

Not Sure

If you're not sure if it's over 10 years old or not, we might have the date in our records.  Submit our Warranty Claim Form and we'll check our records.    

If the reel is less than 10 years old, but you're not sure if the failure was due to freeze damage, then visit our Assessing Freeze Damage page for instructions on how to make this determination.

Yes, It's Under Warranty

If you're confident that the reel is not more than 10 years old nor was exposed to freezing temperatures, you can submit a Warranty Claim Form.   NOTE: A photo or video of the failed swivel will need to be uploaded with the form.

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