M10 x 25mm Hex Socket Head Cap Screw- 2 Pack

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SKU: 4013A

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This stainless steel M10 x 25mm hex socket head cap screw is sold individually.  If you need more than one, make sure you adjust the quantity accordingly.  If you'd like to acquire a replacement locally rather than wait on a shipment from us, most home centers or hardware stores should carry this item or something similar.  If you want to find a replacement locally, here is what you need to know: 

  • It does NOT have to be a hex socket head screw.  A regular hex-head screw would work as well.  (See image) 4013 hex head substituteThe main thing is that it can be tightened down firmly with some type of wrench.
  • Even though the head can be different, the threads cannot.  The screw needs to be an M10 x 25mm bolt, 1.5 coarse thread pitch. 
  • The screw doesn't HAVE to be stainless steel, but we highly recommend it for corrosion resistance.

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