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    1043 inlet hose

    What is an inlet hose?

    An inlet hose, or sometimes referred to as a jumper hose, supply hose, or feeder hose, is simply a short garden hose that supplies water from the faucet or spigot to the hose reel. Because all garden hoses are equipped with garden hose thread fittings, any type, size, or brand of garden hose, in any length, can be used as the inlet hose for an ELEY garden hose reel provided that the male fitting of the hose can fit through the 1.25-inch ID opening of the reel's main axle. View Video Example


    garden hose threads

    Garden Hose Threads (GHT)

    Standard Garden Hose Thread, or GHT is the universal threads used on the fittings of all garden hose sold in the United States and Canada.  It doesn't matter if the size of the garden hose is 1/2-inch, 5/8-inch or 3/4-inch, they all use the same threads.  Garden hose threads are also used on all watering tools like sprinklers and spray nozzles, so it doesn't matter what brand of garden hose, hose reel, or watering tool you own, all can connect to each other because they all use standard garden hose threads.

    Drinking Water Safe Garden Hose


    The term "Drinking-Water-Safe" typically refers to the NSF/ANSI Standard 61 (NSF-61), a set of national standards relating to water treatment.  It establishes stringent requirements for equipment that comes in contact with potable (drinking) water or products used in potable water production.  However, there is no NSF standard for a garden hose under which a manufacturer can get certified because the Safe Drinking Water Act exempted garden hose and other outdoor watering products from the prohibitions.

    The 2011 Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act (RLDWA) also created exemptions in SDWA Section 1417 from the prohibitions on the use or introduction into commerce of “pipes, pipe fittings, plumbing fittings or fixtures, including backflow preventers, that are used exclusively for non-potable services such as manufacturing, industrial processing, irrigation, outdoor watering, or any other uses where the water is not anticipated to be used for human consumption” (SDWA 1417(a)(4)(A))

    As such, if a watering product is for non-potable, outdoor use, it cannot be certified under NSF 61 for drinking water. The manufacturer can only say the materials have been certified. Unfortunately, most garden hose reels on the market today ARE NOT produced with inlet hoses that are made from drinking-water-safe material.  ELEY inlet hoses ARE. Our hose reel inlet hose is made from UV-stabilized FDA and NSF grade polyurethane material. Combine that with our crush-proof, lead-free machined brass fittings, and the ELEY inlet hose is a 100% drinking-water-safe garden hose.  Even the rubber gaskets are made from drinking-water safe material.

    garden hose threads

    What comes with the hose reel?

    The standard inlet hose that comes prepackaged with all ELEY garden hose reels is 6-1/2 feet long and 5/8-inch inside diameter. Made in the USA, it is the exact same polyurethane hose that we sell in lengths up to 200-feet. ELEY polyurethane hose is tough as nails and backed by a 10-YEAR no-leak guarantee.  Once assembled, about one foot of the hose will be used inside the hose reel, which will give you approximately 5-feet to reach your faucet.  If you'd prefer to use a different size or length of inlet hose to feed the reel, you can certainly do that. You don't have to use the one that comes with your hose reel.  However, when you buy an ELEY hose reel, you'll be getting the 6-1/2 foot hose regardless, and it cannot be exchanged or returned for credit.

    Need a longer or shorter inlet hose?

    Unless you purchase a custom-length hose, the 6-1/2 foot length that comes with a hose reel is the shortest standard-length inlet hose ELEY offers.  We also offer a standard 12-foot length on our 5/8-inch Polyurethane Garden Hose page.  After that, our standard lengths jump up to  25-feet and longer.  Don't forget; you're starting with the 6-1/2 feet of inlet hose that comes with the hose reel, so you may want to include that in your overall length requirement.

    For example, let's say a 12-foot inlet hose would work better for your particular application. There are two possible solutions available to you. You can buy our 12-foot hose and find another use for the 6-1/2 foot hose that came with the hose reel, or you could purchase another 6-1/2 footer, attach it to the one that came with the hose reel, and now you have a total of 13-feet of hose to work with.  The connection between the two lengths will provide a solid, leak-proof seal.  It depends on your personal preference as to whether or not you want two hoses connected together to create a longer length inlet hose.

    3/4-inch inlet hoses

    For those who want a full 3/4-inch flow hose reel, all you need to do is swap out the 6-1/2 foot x 5/8-inch inlet hose that came with the hose reel with a 3/4-inch inlet hose.  The entire plumbing of an ELEY hose reel consists of just two components; 1) the brass swivel, which already provides a full 3/4-inch flow, and 2) the 5/8-inch inlet hose.  So by simply swapping out the 5/8-inch inlet hose with a 3/4-inch one, you'll have a full 3/4-inch flow hose reel.  If you decide to go the 3/4-inch inlet hose route, make sure that the male fitting is small enough to fit through the hose reel's axle.  You'll need to purchase this 3/4-inch hose from another source as ELEY does not offer any 3/4-inch hose at this time. 

    Hoses with Male-Male or Female-Female Fittings

    ELEY does not offer garden hoses with the same fitting on both ends.  We only offer polyurethane garden hoses with a male fitting on one end and a female fitting on the other.  However, we do track the level of interest in male-male or female-female fitted hoses, so you can let us know which style you'd purchase if available by sending us an email using the following links:

    NOTE: Submitting one of the above emails is for the purpose of tracking consumer interest.  We are currently not producing male-male or female-female hoses.

    Custom, Cut-To-Length Inlet Hoses

    ELEY does offer custom-cut length garden hoses in certain lengths from 12-inches up to 95-feet.  You can order a custom-cut hose to desired length, or you can order a custom-cut hose to add to the 6-1/2 foot hose that came with the hose reel.  Say you need 19-1/2 feet of inlet hose. You can buy a custom-cut 19-1/2 foot hose, or you could buy a 13-foot custom-cut hose and connect it to the 6-1/2 footer.  Either way, it'll get the job done.

    If you want to explore the custom-cut hose option, visit our Custom-Cut Polyurethane Garden Hose page, where the parameters of available cut lengths are detailed.  Price-wise custom-cut hose is going to run a bit higher per foot than our standard lengths, but you can get exactly the length you want. Keep in mind, though, that custom-cut hoses are not returnable, so be certain of your length before submitting your order. Remember the old carpenter's adage; measure twice and cut once.