Attaching and Adjusting Cam-Lever Brake

Audio Transcript: Install the cam lever brake by making sure the tab on the brake aligns with the notch in the front flange. To set the cam lever brake, take a 7/16" wrench and loosen the adjustment nut until the weight of the watering tool on the end of the hose causes the reel to start unwinding by itself. Then tighten the nut a quarter-turn at a time until the reel no longer unwinds by itself. You can adjust the nut to create just the right amount of drag to your liking. First, turn the cam lever brake to the off position. Then start reeling your hose in by cranking with one hand while level winding the hose onto the center drum with the other. Wrap the hose in a steady side-to-side motion, laying the hose against itself as you go. Once you get all the hose rolled up, turn the cam lever brake back to the on position. Be sure to have the cam lever on while pulling out the hose, this will prevent unwanted rollout. Then, when you're ready to reel the hose back in, be sure to flip the brake to the off position to release the drag, making it much easier to reel in. Then reset the brake to the on position so it's ready for the next time you use your hose reel.