Garden Hose Washers (12-Pack)

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  • 100% drinking water-safe EPDM rubber.
  • Replace troublesome inferior washers that leak.
  • Superior resistance against tears and chemicals.
  • Stays pliable and flexible for years.
  • Fits in female fittings of all brands of hose and watering tools.
  • Backed by an unprecedented 10-YEAR no-leak guarantee.
  • Includes 12 commercial-duty garden washers.

FAQs - ELEY Garden Hose Washers

What is EPDM rubber?

EPDM, Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, is an “M” class synthetic rubber elastomer. EPDM gaskets are very popular and versatile polymer application. Because of the high-quality raw material suppliers we use, these manufactured EPDM gaskets and EPDM seals are resistant to ozone, weather and aging.

What are the dimensions of the washer?

The actual size of the O-ring shaped gasket is 19mm X 4mm and it will fit into any standard 3/4-inch GHT fitting on most major brands of garden hose and watering tools.

Will they work with non-ELEY hose and watering tools?

Yes. The ELEY washers are sized to fit all female fittings that are manufactured with 3/4-inch standard garden hose threads (GHT) which is the threading used on all brands of outdoor watering hose and tools in North America.