Watch this short video and discover the true value of ELEY products.  

Let's start this analysis by recognizing that all ELEY products are backed by an unprecedented 10-YEAR no-leak, no-break, no-rust warranty and are guaranteed to perform trouble-free and reliably for those 120 months.

To determine a fair valuation of the cost, let's break down the initial purchase price over the guaranteed life of the product. (By the way, ELEY products deliver reliable performance for many years beyond the 10-year warranty period.) 

Let's break down and analyze one of the most popular combinations of ELEY products; a wall-mount hose reel equipped with 100 feet of our polyurethane garden hose and our 3-piece spray nozzle set.  

Model 1041 ELEY Wall-Mount Hose Reel $ 210.49
100 x 5/8-inch ELEY Polyurethane Garden Hose $ 213.49
Item # SP-1181 3-Piece Spray Nozzle Set $   93.97
$ 517.95
(Free Shipping) Estimated Tax 7%* $   36.26
Total $  554.21
$ 554 / 10 Years = $ 55 per year
$ 55 per year / 12 months = $ 4.58 per month Less than a cup of gourmet coffee
$ 55 per year / 365 days = $ 0.15 per day 1 dime & 1 nickel

* Taxes will vary based on your location. 

Is it worth $55 PER YEAR, (or just 15 cents per day) to have an outdoor watering system guaranteed to deliver reliable, trouble-free performance for over 10 years? We think that's a great value.

Apply this same breakdown to the specific ELEY products in your shopping cart, and we believe you'll also conclude that purchasing quality ELEY products is a good investment of your hard-earned money. (NOTE: This is a demonstration of value. We don’t offer a payment plan.)