Chip Wade is a designer, TV show host, DIY expert, contractor by profession, and is best known for hosting HGTV and DIY shows such as Designed to Sell, and Curb Appeal. He is owner and founder of Wade Works Creative LLC, a real estate, architecture & design-build firm whose mission is to help their clients make educated home and lifestyle decisions.

The Saturday morning before Mother's Day, Chip featured some ELEY outdoor watering products on a segment of Fox & Friends.

Mother's Day Weekend Garden Recommendations from Chip Wade

Because he was limited by time, Chip had only 30 seconds to tell the audience about ELEY products. However, after his segment aired, Chip took some additional time to provide a more detailed review of ELEY garden hose reels, garden hose and outdoor watering tools.

TV Hose & DIY Expert Chip Wade on Garden Products

Audio Transcript: Happy Mother's Day Weekend, I'm Chip Wade and we just finished filming a live broadcast on Fox and Friends where I got to share some of my favorite products for getting the yard ready for Mother's Day. Now we had to include the Eley hose reels and polyurethane hoses. I personally have been using an Eley hose reel and hose for over 10 years and it still works like a charm. Now it's no coincidence they have a 10-year replacement and leak-free warranty. Unbelievable. Now what's great about these though is heavy duty powder coated aluminum construction; we have foam filled, flat-free tires and all stainless steel hardware. These carts are lightweight but extremely strong. Now on these reels we have a specialty type of hose. This is called a polyurethane hose. They're half the weight of a standard rubber garden hose, but they're crush free and they're coated with a material that's the same thing they use on skateboard wheels so it's ultra rugged and durable. Also, the hardware and connecting is amazing. And, these are actually water safe. So you can actually drink water from these hoses safely. Really nice stuff here; of course, their nozzles also are second to none: solid brass, nice weight, good balance, and amazing accessories. You can find out more at