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    Availability of parts for the obsolete TRITON garden hose reels

    Since we stopped producing these models in May 2009, the 10-Year warranty has expired.  As the existing inventory of each part becomes depleted (other than the 5 parts listed above), then that particular part will become obsolete since no substitute is being produced. The inventory for many TRITON parts is already permanently depleted and out-of-stock.  Follow the links below to view an exploded view of each model, where you'll be able to purchase replacement parts, if still available.

    Can I upgrade my TRITON hose reel with components from your newer designs?

    Unfortunately, no.  The current ELEY garden hose reels represented a complete redesign of our line in 2009.  None of the components used in our current models will retrofit onto the TRITON models, including the Quad-Wheel Kit or the Extra-Capacity Kit.  The only current hose reel accessory that will work with all TRITON models, is our Hose Reel Covers.  Our LARGE size will fit the model GH168-WG four-wheel wagon hose reel.  All other TRITON models will use the REGULAR size.

    Use the Links Below to Order Available Replacement Parts

     rapid reel triton model gh164-pl parts image Parallel Wall Mount (GH164-PL)
    rapid reel triton model gh164-pd parts image Perpendicular Wall Mount (GH164-PD)
    rapid reel triton model gh164-ct parts image  2-Wheel Cart Reel (GH164-CT)
    rapid reel triton model gh168-wg parts image 4-Wheel Wagon Reel (GH168-WG)