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    Since we stopped producing these models in May 2009, the 10-Year warranty has expired. There are only five replacement parts that we continue to produce for the TRITON models.

    • Bass Swivel
    • Inlet Hose
    • Crank Handle
    • Flat-Free Tire
    • Rear Axle/Spindle

    Can I upgrade my TRITON hose reel with components from your newer designs?

    Unfortunately, no.  The current ELEY garden hose reels represented a complete redesign of our line in 2009.  None of the components used in our current models will retrofit onto the TRITON models, including the Quad-Wheel Kit or the Extra-Capacity Kit.  The only current hose reel accessory that will work with all TRITON models, is our Hose Reel Covers.  Our LARGE size will fit the model GH168-WG four-wheel wagon hose reel.  All other TRITON models will use the REGULAR size. 

    Ordering replacement parts for TRITON garden hose reels.  As the existing inventory of each part becomes depleted (other than the 5 parts listed above), then that particular part will become obsolete since no substitute is being produced. The inventory for many TRITON parts is already permanently depleted and out-of-stock.  Follow the links below to view an exploded view of each model, where you'll be able to purchase replacement parts, if still available.

     rapid reel triton model gh164-pl parts image Parallel Wall Mount (GH164-PL)
    rapid reel triton model gh164-pd parts image Perpendicular Wall Mount (GH164-PD)
    rapid reel triton model gh164-ct parts image  2-Wheel Cart Reel (GH164-CT)
    rapid reel triton model gh168-wg parts image 4-Wheel Wagon Reel (GH168-WG)