The ELEY Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel offers many versatile mounting options.

We took a call a couple of days ago from new customer Todd A. from Ft. Walton Beach, Florida, who faced a dilemma with his hose reel installation. He had just received his new Eley wall-mount garden hose reel (Model 1041) and was looking forward to replacing the plastic garden hose reel that had been mounted to a brick column on his house. However, during the assembly process, he quickly discovered that the wall plate on our hose reel, wouldn't fit on the brick column. Assembled into the perpendicular configuration, the horizontal distance of the mounting holes on our wall plate, is 16 inches center-to-center. His brick column wasn't that wide.

wall mount hose reel diagram with dimensions

Todd had considered first mounting a board, to the front of the column, wide enough to accommodate our garden hose reel, but decided he wouldn't be happy with how it'd look. He had called to ask, that if he re-assembled the hose reel into the parallel configuration, could it be mounted to the column by rotating the wall plate into a vertical position? We reassured him that not only could it be done, but we encourage it for just this kind of situation. We also suggested that he mount the wall plate with the arm-to-plate attachment at the top. Although the two bolts that make this arm-to-plate connection are strong enough to support the weight of the reel from the bottom position as well, it would have greater support with the arm coming down from the top.

hose reel support arm diagram with mount parts shown

Todd was relived and happy. By changing the Eley hose reel configuration from perpendicular to parallel, and mounting it to the side of the column, (instead of in the old hose reel location on the front), he would still be able to pull the garden hose out straight-away from his house. In addition, he planned on using the holes from the old hose reel on the front of the column, to mount a shelf or tool tray for his watering tools. Although we didn't ask him too, Todd was kind enough to take a picture of his new Eley garden hose reel installation and send it to us. Great job Todd! Your photo also demonstrates how nicely the neutral color of our garden hose reels blends in with almost any color of brick.

Thank you, Todd, for giving us the opportunity to supply your hose reel needs. Welcome to the Eley "Watering Done Right"community!

garden hose reel mounted to a brick column