Cart Frame Wye Assembly

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Fits all Rapid Reel and Eley 1043 models.  Assembly includes all screws, nuts, handle and leg clamps, a standard short axle* and the two frame wye halves.  

*NOTE:  If you modified your hose reel with our Extra-Capacity Kit, you'll need to modify this new frame wye with the long axle from your old frame wye.  If you need a new long axle, it can be purchased from the parts page for our Extra-Capacity Kit.

For Models Sold from May 2009 to May 2012

If you own the first generation of portable hose reels, (Serial numbers 300002 to 320599),  then you'll need to drill 4 small holes, one in each leg and push/pull handle, to retrofit this item onto your carts frame.  See the image below.