Garden Hose Reel Swivel

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This item replaces all previous ELEY and Rapid-Reel garden hose reel swivels, including item numbers 2914, 4112, 4205, 4255, and 4290.

This swivel will fit on any ELEY or Rapid-Reel brand garden hose reel sold since 2000, including the Pro-Line and TRITON models, with the exception of the pre-2006 Rapid-Reel RR series hose reels and the perpendicular Pro-Line Model GH164-PD hose reel, because the crimped fittings on the new inlet hose (which will be required in this upgrade) will not allow the hose to make the bend and pass through the curved axle on these particular models.

  • Maximum 150 PSI Working Pressure
  • Maximum 140°F Temperature
  • Backed by a 10-Year, No-Leak Guarantee

Will the sharp bend restrict water flow?

The change in the shape of the garden hose swivel gooseneck does have a theoretical impact on water flow, but it is so minimal that our digital flow meter with a resolution of 0.01 gallons per minute (GPM) and our pressure drop gauges cannot detect it