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    We think it's important to know a little bit about who you're doing business with. Eley Corporation, [pronounced 'ee-lee'], is a Nebraska-born, family-owned company that has been producing premium quality hose reels and related accessories since its start in 1990. Over the years, we've marketed our products under a variety of brand names including Reel Quick, Rapid Reel and Triton. However, all of those have now been consolidated under the ELEY brand name. Even though its operations are now global, the three founding brothers still manage the organization, personally ensuring a Midwestern-style commitment to product quality and customer service.

    Our Return & Refund Policy

    Take 30 days to put us to the test. Hassle free returns if you change your mind!

    We're so confident you'll be delighted with Eley products that we're giving you a full month to make sure. If, for any reason, you're not satisfied with your purchase, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund. Our satisfaction-guaranteed, no-hassle return policy means:
    • Your request will be handled by a live customer service professional from right here in America's heartland.
    • There will absolutely be no hidden charges or restocking fees.
    • View Full Returns & Refund Policy

    Our Delivery Time

    If placed by 2:30 PM (CST) on weekdays, most orders will ship that same day and arrive, to most destinations, within the 48 contiguous states, in just 1 or 2 days. Refer to the FedEx Transit Map below to determine the number of transit days to your destination. Do not count the day the package ships, Sundays or holidays.

    NOTE: Late-afternoon Friday and weekend orders will ship on Monday. Business addresses are delivered Monday - Friday, while residential addresses are delivered Tuesday - Saturday.


    • A package shipped on a Thursday to a residence that takes 2 business days, will arrive on Saturday.
    • A package shipped on a Friday to a residence that takes 2 business days, will arrive the following Tuesday.

    Eley Hose Reels FedEx Transit Map

    INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS: Currently, ELEY® only ships to locations within the United States,Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands.

    Our Warranty Policy

    10-Year No-Rust, No-Leak, No-Break Guarantee!

    Eley Corporation backs our proprietary hose reel and watering tool products with the best warranty in the industry. A 10 year no-leak, no-rust, no-break guarantee. If a component fails, will replace that part free of charge. Paint is guaranteed for 1 year. Polyurethane garden hoses are guaranteed for 10 years and rubber hoses for 5 years View Full Warranty Policy 

    Our Post-Sale Customer Support

    • Our Philosophy - Our rural, small town values have helped shape our attitude when it comes to taking care of our customers.  
    • E-Mails - We respond to all emails within one business day, (although most are replied to in just a matter of minutes.)  
    • Phone Calls - If you call, you'll get a live, friendly person from right here in America's heartland, who'll be able to assist you with any request.  There is no automated answering system with countless prompts.  
    • Replacement Parts - If you need parts, you'll have them shipped out promptly. We have a full assortment of parts in our two strategically located warehouses.  
    • Customer Testimonials - Read customer feedback about our after-sale customer support HERE.  

    Our Global Business Model

    Recognizing that today's competitive marketplace is a global one, Eley Corporation has developed a business model that combines both domestic and overseas operations which enable us to:

      • Create our cutting-edge, trend-setting designs
      • Manufacture the highest quality products in our category
      • Sell these premium products at fair and reasonable prices
      • Back them with unparalleled warranties and customer support
      Following is a short list of key company operations and the country in which each takes place:
      • Product Design, Engineering & Testing - United States (In-house)
      • Marketing Development and Implementation - United States
      • Fabrication, Pre-Assembly & Packaging - China (ELEY owned facility & proprietary designs)
      • Warehousing - United States
      • Shipping & Delivery - United States (Including ocean, rail, truck and courier services such as FedEx, UPS, US Postal Service, and numerous trucking companies.)
      • Customer Service - United States (In-house)

      As you can see, even though some fabrication-related operations take place overseas, your purchase of ELEY products supports both American families and the American economy across a wide range of industries.

      Our History

      Eley brothers in 1992Eley Corporation began as a seedling of an idea in 1989. Our father, John Eley, owned an industrial pressure washer dealership headquartered in the small farming community of Orchard, Nebraska. As his sons, we worked as salesmen for Eley Distributing in the capital city of Lincoln. Together we were constantly reminded of a common pitfall of our most popular product, a portable pressure washer. These power washers use a wire-braided hydraulic hose, a product that presented considerable difficulty in its handling. 

      We theorized about how a durable hose reel would do the trick to increase usability and before long we started tinkering with materials. By 1991, our new offshoot company had begun selling a revolutionary new hose reel designed specifically for the industrial pressure washer industry. Word traveled fast, and by 1994, we had expanded our catalog while becoming an industry favorite. It was inspiring to know we had accomplished what we had set out to do.

      It was the natural progression to expand the manufacturing operation to also include garden hose reels, a product the average homeowner could benefit from. As it turns out, the market was primed, since there were few alternatives to the light-duty, plastic reels prevalent at the time.

      This new reel incorporated all of the best attributes of our original industrial-grade product while adjusting to serve the residential market. We now deliver superior quality hose reels to a much broader base of customers than we initially could have imagined.

      Family Owned and Operated Since 1990

      Today, Eley Corporation is still very much a family affair. Our co-founder and father John Eley retired from the company in 2000 and eldest son Mark was named company president. Middle son, Warren, heads all sales and marketing activities, and youngest son, Craig, oversees all production and engineering operations.

      With a commitment of serving our customers with the small-town values and principles we grew up with, we grew from a small business nearly 25 years ago to the company with global reach we are today. We changed our company name – from Reel Quick, Inc., to Eley Corporation, to better reflect our personal commitment to excellence in both products and service. We value the continuous input from our customers and thrive on the ability to stay in contact with them when necessary. To us, there’s simply no other way to run a business.