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    Garden Hose Ball Valve (Swivel)

    Heavy-Duty Materials

    The main body of the ELEY swivel ball valve is constructed with high-quality brass. The chrome-plated ball inside allows for water to flow at full capacity during usage. The lever's push-pull action gives a smooth, easy-to-use experience. And the O-ring gasket provides a water-tight seal to guarantee zero leaks.

    Swivel Feature

    The swivel ball valve was designed to eliminate hose twists and kinks. The swivel feature provides a rotating motion, allowing you to easily rotate and turn the valve without straining your wrist or causing the hose connection to loosen from the ball valve. It also allows you to position the ON/OFF lever into a comfortable position to operate. Unlike the standard ball valve (Item #1117), the swivel ball valve allows for more freedom in how you would like to position the valve and lever.

    A Variety of Uses

    The ELEY swivel ball valve was built and designed for different uses to meet your watering needs. It can attach to garden hoses, faucets, or any watering tool. This valve is rated at 90 PSI and with a slight flip of the lever you're able to control this water pressure.

    Connecting Multiple Hoses

    Multiple hose connections? No problem. The swivel ball valve allows you to control the water pressure between hoses and the swivel feature ensures your hose will not twist up or kink.

    Quick Connect Usage

    The ELEY quick connect system is not only compatible with our swivel ball valve; it's recommended! The quick connect system works best when there is little to no water pressure on it. Therefore, using the swivel ball valve relieves this unwanted water pressure from the socket allowing you to remove the plug with ease.

    Specs & Dimensions

    • Weight:  1 lbs.  (0.45 kg)
    • Max Temperature:  165°F  (74°C)
    • Max Pressure:  120 PSI  (8.3 bar)
    • Thru-Hole Size  0.551 inches (14mm)


    Click on the thumbnail image below to enlarge the dimensional view.

    Swivel Ball Valve

    What is the inside diameter (ID) of the valve?

    When fully open, the interior ball valve creates an opening that is 14mm in diameter, (0.55 inches), or just over 1/2" ID.

    Is the ON/OFF lever replaceable if I manage to break it?

    Yes.  It can be purchased from this website from the following link.  Ball Valve Lever (Item 2961)

    Garden Hose Ball Valve (Swivel) has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 284 reviews.