Meet the Eley Brothers

Mark, Warren and Craig Eley, founders of Eley Corporation, give an introduction to the company and the small-town Midwestern values that not only helped it grow into a highly repected national brand, but is still the driving force behind the company's quality-minded attitude. 

What Sets Us Apart
Craig Eley, co-founder and VP of Design & Production, explains the quality-minded approach that Eley takes in designing and producing the most durable and highest-performing garden hose reels and watering tools on the market. 

What Our Customers Say About Us
The following three videos provide a great cross section of Eley customers and the varying reasons why Eley watering products made their watering chores so much more enjoyable. Their experience with Eley products is also a great representation of what most of our customers tell us through phone calls, emails and product reviews. Enjoy!

"I Just Love What They Stand For"
Scott is a tree lover that lives on a large acreage. With that size of lot, he owns four Eley hose reels, both portable and wall mounted versions. He also owns Eley polyurethane garden hose and commercial-duty watering tools. There are very few who have put Eley brand products to test like this landscape enthusiast.
"We Don't Have That Much Time"
Don and his wife have a wonderful, flower and plant filled back yard, which requires a lot of daily watering.  Since both have very busy work schedules, time is a valuable commodity.  Hear how Eley hose reels and garden hoses have helped them spend more time enjoying their back yard rather than tending to it. 
"Quality is the #1 Driver"
Jerry and Rosie are quality-minded people. They pay attention to the small details in things. Whether it be their yard and landscaping, or the tools they use to keep their property in top condition. Aesthetics, durability and performance are key elements to their satisfaction. Eley products turned out to be a perfect match to their quality standards.